Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 254

Sometimes all you need is a pyjama day, a jigsaw puzzle and a cup of tea. Of course knitting and a movie are also in order!! I had that exact day on Friday and a bit on Saturday. Today I am a new woman! I am so revived and ready to tackle the world...or the week..!! Making it ever so relevant to have some down time. So sitting down to organise my month - I have scheduled in a pyjama day once a week! So please don't call me on a Wednesday! ;)

I went to a movie by myself on Friday - the cinema had a total of 4 people in there. In front of me there was a 'couple', 5 minutes into the movie the lady gathered her bag and popcorn and moved 3 rows in front of the man. The man shook his head, shrugged and continued to watch the movie. (I immediately thought I was eating my popcorn too loudly - for of course it would be about me!) Then the movie ended, she smiled at me and they walked out holding hands. I was a bit amused at what had happened - as well as a bit lost. 

In life, we are so determined to put our observations - or opinions - onto other peoples relationships or situations. We often try to explain or understand everything we see or encounter. Observation or listening or taking things as they are is an amazing skill to have.  It is so important not to jump to conclusions about other people, as we never know what is going on in someone else's life. For all I know, she needed to move closer to the screen because she forgot her glasses!! 

...Until Tomorrow xox