Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 91

'There's always a silver lining, 
it's just sometimes you have to look harder 
to find it'. 

I was thinking a lot about this today. I had a fantastic day, sun was shining, I got to give three beautiful ladies a facial and have a big laugh while doing so! I caught up with a friend for a chai and visited mum and dad! It was beautiful. When I came home from this active day I started to do some spring cleaning and whilst doing so spent a lot of time reflecting on the past few months. 

It occurred to me that I often will say "Since the accident…" or "After the accident" when referring to a lot of changes in my behaviour. My friend joked today that I should say "BA" for before accident and "AA" after accident! Because for me, I look at the world through very different eyes now, where I use to see negatives I now look for the positives and when I was striving to be more successful, more fit, more healthy, more, more more.. I now realise that you can only be who you are at any given point and to be happy with that. 

The one thing that I find interesting in human behaviour, is the need to compare and measure yourself against others. Which is so fascinating, because it has been proven that no two people are alike - even identical twins. So there is actually no feasible way to be like someone else. I think what is a better way of looking at it is to identify what attribute it is that draws you to that person - such as their dedication, or their excitement or passion, and work on self development in those areas. 

The other thing I realised today is that two (or more) people can be trained exactly the same way, be given exactly the same information, but be able to present it very differently. That's because we are all different. If you try to present the information in a way that you are not comfortable with because Sally down the hall does it that way and gets heaps better results, you will look awkward and be self conscious and people will be less inclined to take in the information you are presenting. 

So with silver linings, we get so caught up in day to day living that when something untoward happens we look at the negatives and what is NOT happening. For example with me it was "I can not run my marathon" and "I can't go to work" and "I don't have a car" etc. But when you allow yourself to stop and reflect, there are so many things to be grateful for. Most of the time all you need to to is swing it around i.e. can't work, becomes "I now have the opportunity to catch up on things I previously didn't have time for" and "I can spend quality time with the family".

Sometimes the silver lining is harder to see though. For me, that has been around exercise. I was fit and healthy, running 30+kms a week, going to gym and classes and swimming.. To have that taken away from me was a big blow. I can only manage to find small positives, which is better than none. They are 'I can now take the time to work on technique' and 'when I start running again I can learn how to run properly'. It still doesn't soften the blow much. And as I've said before…that's ok. Its not about being perfect or having all of the answers, it's about being able to identify things and sit with them. 

Wow! Lots to say tonight! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 90

I thought I would share some of my mind wanderings from today:

1. It's best not to continue singing out loud to yourself whilst knocking on a strangers door.

2. The hilarity of being busted at a traffic light singing a song out loud when you don't know the words.

3. Sometimes getting out of bed when it's cold should be something you can tick off your to do list. 

4. Fitting in a family visit, no matter how short will make your day feel complete. 

5. Its important to revisit something that you said you would do to see if you've actually done it!

6. Give your dog a little bit of the couch and you'll be sitting on the floor in no time. 

7. How long should you wait between knocks on the door, if you know they are home?

8. Completing a jigsaw puzzle can be very addictive. 

9. I  think you actually loose some of your smartness by watching some reality TV the bachelor. 

10. Ants are so amazing - they haul their find to their nest (at least I think thats where they go, or they might scoff it off and end up like us on Christmas day) and then come back from more, without even changing pace!

11. We should all have some of kids lack of humility and be a little more honest with each other. 

12. Dreams can come true. Just watch a Disney film if you need inspiration. 

13. Forgetting to meditate (haha thats an oxymoron!) sets you up for a scattered day. 

14. Oooh…apparently what I spoke about a few weeks ago 'shiny object' is actually a syndrome! After reading the definition, I am self-diagnosing myself!!!

15. Its important not to get worried by the fact the 
fuel attendant knows your name when it is emblazoned 
on the front of your chest. 

16. What would happen if suddenly the world lost power and all the computers crashed? Would people know how to survive without it? 

17. By saying yes to something you never know what opportunities will come from it. 

18. Saying "I'll do that tomorrow" is equivalent to "I'll do it when I have nothing else to do" and therefore it never getting done. So do it now!

19. Hugs make you smile and feel good. A Hug a day will keep the apples that's not right is it…A Hug a day will keep the Blues away! :) 

20. Thinking about doing something, does not count as doing something…therefore you cannot tick it off as being done!!

21. A cup of tea may not solve your problems, but it will quench your thirst.


Oh there are still so many thoughts running around my head to talk about! But I have to save some for later!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 89

A bright, happy, sunny day! Spring is on its way, which means summer will arrive just as quickly too! :) There's something about a sunny day that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. You notice it everywhere! As you know my new philosophy is that if an opportunity arises to just say yes. (Well within reason obviously…you may need to say I'll think about it - especially with work!). 

Today I went on a beautiful lunch to a quaint hotel in the country. The drive there was fun and beautiful in itself - I had the sunroof open - just because I could! Lunch was yummy (and they were nice enough to cater for me being a vegetarian). Company was awesome. And the people watching was the best!

What was the best was that I was in a happy and sociable mood so I talked or smiled at everyone. It was just a lovely afternoon! I had this whole feeling of "I need to do work" which previously this would of been enough to stop me from enjoying my day out but what has changed is that I don't let that feeling of the 'to do list burden' ruin my day…if I am enjoying myself, work will wait (literally until tomorrow - big day!!) 

On the drive home I was thinking about that concept of you attract what you put out. I was smiley and happy today, which was mirrored in everyone I interacted with. Including my niece and nephew when I was babysitting them tonight - we had lots of fun making gingerbread houses!! Much easier to interact with people when everyone is smiling, and relaxed! It actually makes you happier!!

When I started this blog, one of the big things was to compliment a stranger everyday. Which I have been doing and it's become almost second nature. Which I love. This afternoon I took my niece and nephew into IGA. At the counter I commented on how lovely the attendant's eye make-up looked on her. She was really taken aback and not sure what to say (as I have said in the past - "thank you" is always the best!) and then said back to me "You have the most beautiful smile, and you always smile every time you come in here"!! How lovely! (Then it was my turn to be taken aback!) 

I like that reinforcement of your behaviour happens all the time, you just need to open yourself up to hearing it. And the best thing about compliments is when you give them expecting nothing in return, you will receive them when you least expect it!! And the compliment will most likely make your day! (Just as yours has done to someone else previously!)

Happy Friday!

…Until Tomorrow xox
Just because it is cute! :) x

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 88

I had an interesting conversation today about my blog and what to write about tonight and I got excited and used all of my ideas while we were talking! Albeit only one person has now heard them, and not the other people that read this! But still. I like to have something a bit different and fresh (even if it's for myself!). 

We got onto talking about animal cruelty. This is a huge passion of mine, and is one thing (and probably one of the only things) that really gets me fired up and angry. And I can talk for days about the subject and the changes that could be made in society to prevent this for reoccurring. When my friend suggested I write about that topic tonight, my first thought was 'no' mainly because this blog is focussed on positive and building your passions and self development and awareness.

But then I got on to thinking. That even when we are thinking positive most the time, there is still room for other feelings. In actual fact it would be almost naive to think that you can only ever feel one thing at any one moment in time, or only EVER just be positive. Unfortunately the nature of our minds is complex and sometimes multiple feelings or thoughts will happen at once! And as I've mentioned once before, allowing yourself to feel whatever you are feeling at the time is so so important. 

So how can you turn something as negative as animal cruelty into something to learn from and to take a positive slant? I'm not exactly sure how. But my first response when I wrote that then, was education. The more that ourselves and the wider community are educated, the higher chance we have of reducing it occurring - even if only on a smaller level. 

I have never been one to preach my belief systems onto people, and I don't want to start now. But when we think about animal cruelty - what does that exactly mean? What can we do in our day-to-day life that can assist? The answer could be as simple as buying eggs from the local farm (diminishing the support to large cage hen farms), or buying your meat from the local butcher (not supporting live export) or reporting animals that you think are being mistreated. 

I think the small changes we can make - including raising the next generations to respect animals - will make a difference on a bigger scale! (What if everyone bought their eggs locally - there would be no need to have hens kept in horrible conditions). Which got me onto thinking about education on a broader scale with any topic. Realistically a lot of problems and bad habits would become less of a problem if we started at the beginning with education. 

So I think along with our 'gratefuls' and our positive thoughts about ourselves we should spend a few minutes every day educating ourselves.. On anything - then sharing what you have learnt with anyone that crosses your path that day. For example - male dogs are 6.2% more likely to bite a human than females. Lets create a community that shares knowledge, awareness and passions. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

PS No pictures this blog !! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 87

Conforming to what people 'think' we should be or do is an interesting concept. To paint a picture of a 'expected' 30 year old - tends to have a partner, be settling down, has a house and / or mortgage, may have kids, a career and be generally settled (Please note that this is purely as an example). Now I know that as time is evolving things change and we are moving more into a society where the career 'woman' is more accepted. Now when you are not these things - there is always a question of what next. 

For example, you're single - 'when will you find someone'?
You've found someone - 'when are you getting married'? 
You get married - 'when are you having kids'? 

It's so interesting how much people feel they can have input on your life - on what they think or expect your life to be. So for a single, unattached, easy-going girl, the questions are often endless. Or what is probably worse - assumed. I was asked the other day how old my kids were…(I don't have any kids) - I replied that my dog was 3 ½ and left it at that. It's so easy nowadays to be so judgemental and quick to pass comments toward someone else's choices in life. But realistically they're the times when we should be quiet. Just because someone is all of those 'expected' things, does not mean they are happy or fulfilled. 

By pushing people to be something they are not, you are only helping to increase their unhappiness. It is interesting when you become happy and settled with who you are (regardless of if it is the 'expected' life, or something different) what other people think and say and the effort to force you to conform to their ideas becomes almost comical. Because when you are truely happy (from the inside) nothing anyone says or does will be able to change the journey of your life. 

It's back to knowing who you are. Find out what makes you happy, or feels 'right' and do that. The one thing I have learnt is sometimes when you do what makes you happy you loose people from your life. But that's ok - you may of learnt from them what you needed to along your journey. The other thing is, no one single person will ever have EXACTLY the same goal / meaning of happiness. So what is right for one, will not be for another. 

Here is where it gets fun! Get in touch with the inner you, find what drives you, what makes you have butterflies, makes you giggle, makes you do a happy dance around the kitchen. And work towards it! If you already have it..AWESOME! Sit and appreciate it!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 86

I did it! I finally found a specialist that listened and paid attention to me! So she told me today that I have "Complex regional pain syndrome"… which explains the coldness in my foot! The only Dr not to tell me to wear warmer socks!!) So she put my on a drug for that. And is completing more scans to see how it's all healing and what's actually going on. 

Hindsight is funny isn't it? I feel like I should have gone to see her earlier. Although in saying that I am so glad I have found her now. Trusting your gut is HUGE. And we generally don't follow it as often as we should. I am glad I continued to search for someone that would give me answers. It's disappointing though that it has taken me 4 months and countless Drs to be able to find one that I feel I can trust. 

But what I have learnt is that to trust that inner feeling - you know the one that tends to tell you something feels right or it doesn't? And not to settle until that happens. If you gut is saying that it's not right, then don't do it - or continue to search until you find what you are looking for. We employ so much trust in things that we forget to listen to ourselves and our needs etc. 

If it feels right, trust it. If it doesn't seek a second..or third..or fourth opinion! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 85

Stuff. We put so much emphasis on Stuff. What stuff I hear you ask? Exactly. I was standing in line waiting for my cuppa today and I overheard a conversation from a couple of young guys talking about the new 'xbox' or some gaming system that's coming out and how they had to get it as soon as it is released. It was interesting to think about what happens to their 'old' one. I mean really what is the difference? Do you always need newer, faster, smarter, better? 

Which got me on to thinking about how we live in a consumer driven society. Where 'new' things are viewed so strongly as positive. And if someone says "I have an old couch" images of ripped, torn, stained, cat scratched, stuffing falling out cushions come to mind. I am not really like that - nor ever have been. When I was talking to mum and dad today, I realised I have never bought a tv! (They have all been given to me!) 

It's actually hard to say to someone that is intent on always getting new, shiny things, that you just received a 'new-old tv'. Or that you got given a perfectly good leather rocking chair (thanks dad!). That to walk into someones house where things aren't matching or don't look like they have come out of House magazine are because you don't have money or have no choice about the items you do have. It's always nice to get something new and fresh, but what I am also saying is that sometimes it's good to look for things that add character. I love looking at garage sales, at op shops and markets. Up-cycling is a new fad at the moment and I am sooo excited that new things are being made spunky out of 'old' things. 

Just because I don't have a brand new TV or couch may mean I choose to spend my money on other things and actually like the historical story behind my 'old' things. 

Next time you are looking to revamp your colour scheme or need something new at home - try up-cycling. Get something that may be old and turn it into something different and exciting. It could be using a tea cup and making it into a candle, or using your old cutlery set to make a wind chime, or using rims of tyres and a piece of glass to make a coffee table. Have some fun and be creative!! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 84

This weekend has been fabulous. It's been spent spending time with my family. Ive seen my brother for the first time in ages and yesterday was a day that was entirely free. So we had a cuppa by the lake, the girls got together for some facials and makeovers, then we went out for dinner, then finished the night with another beautiful birthday cake! I am so grateful and lucky to have such a beautiful and loving family! :) 

My brother asked me over the weekend "what's your career?!" and I replied "My only career is to enjoy life". Sounds very abstract. But I feel it's true. I mean statistics say that we all will have at least 7 careers before our lifetime is over. So technically that's not a career if you change it, is it? It's a job. Now, I'm not saying that people who want a lifelong career in something aren't correct in wanting that. I'm saying for me, I now understand that I will probably never have that. I have the personality that wants to conintually try new things, explore and once I do something well, I want to have a go at something new. 

To enjoy life. After my accident I vowed not to think so much (yes, it can be a serious downfall) and if something were to fall into my lap, I would say yes instead of thinking if it was meant to be or not. I still get some anxiety around this - thinking (haha!) that if I say yes to everything my new balanced life will be over-run with doing 'things' instead of enjoyment. But I keep reminding myself that if it doesn't work out, it's ok to say so and let go. 

So tomorrow I am off to Mornington to pick up a dog for a beautiful company called "dogs for kids with disabilities" to begin his training, as hopefully an assistance dog. Buddy and I will have another dog living with us for around 6 weeks - and if all goes well we will continue to start a dogs training for awhile. Very exciting! 

So be adventurous..say yes..experience something new! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 83

Blame, Shame or Justify. 

Something I was introduced to at a Nutrimetics event about a year ago. An interesting concept to make you accountable for your actions. Generally we feel the need to either blame or shame someone or justify our behaviour. So for example if you run late to an appointment you may say "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was really bad" (justify) or "Sorry I'm late, I was stuck behind a really bad driver" (Blame) or "Sorry I'm late, I got out of the wrong side of bed, and everything is taking me so long and…." (Shame). 

By Blaming, Shaming or justifying your behaviour, you are giving away your inner power. You are adopting a 'victim mentality'. Where you are giving your power away to other circumstances. And what is more interesting is that when you say "Oh I'm having one of those days" that instead of asking "what is good about your day" in society we feed the "why? what's wrong". So we are assisting each other to maintain a victim mentality rather than empowering each other to take control of our actions. 

So next time you find yourself in a position when you need to offer an explanation instead of 'blaming, shaming or justifying', take accountability and say "I'm sorry I'm late, I didn't allow enough time". It is an amazing feeling when you start to take accountability. Your confidence increases, you don't need to think about an "excuse" and you loose the guilty feeling. Initially it's a hard change, as we are so use to offering a reason, if you MUST offer something then say something like "Sorry I'm late, I didn't allow enough time to get here". Some people may continue to ask you why and push you for a reason, but that is where you can practice holding your ground and continue to be accountable. 

This is something that requires work and help to do so. So engage your friends and hold each other accountable too!! :) Increase your self power, take action to stop your 

Good Luck!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 82

Today reminded me of the importance to set aside time for family. It was my mums birthday today, and was extra special. She is an inspiration to me, strong, decisive, amazing, smart and beautiful. She is who I wish to grow up to be like.  Which got me onto thinking about parents. The things that they sacrifice for us, what they put up with (especially during adolescence!), and the unwaivering support, love, kindness and the proudness for your life journey.

It’s not until you get older and start to form more of a friendship with your parents that you begin to really appreciate and truly love them.  And have the ability to be all of the things that they have been for us – proud of their accomplishments, excited for their new adventures and interested in their past adventures!

Give your parents a hug and tell them that you appreciate them. Have adventures with them and encourage them to do what they have always wanted!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 81

81 days in. Wow! Would you believe it if I said I was running out of things to write about?! Nup! I wouldn't either! Once I start you can't stop me! Today was an interesting day, I was so sleepy this morning, so I decided to skip a swim. A challenging thing for me to do, but I am proud I listened to myself! :) 

But I was scattered today! Struggled to hold a conversation without getting distracted many times, told people things I have told them before and couldn't keep track of the tasks in my dog training classes, and got the giggles during class!! But I got through the day with a smile on my face and got home to a happy waggily puppy! I also got a Nutrimetics delivery and it felt like Christmas while I was sitting on the floor packing it up! :) 

What a day. And now I'm trying to write something and keep getting distracted "shiny object's". So..instead of continuing to write about who knows what I'm going to leave today with a few quotes!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 80

Wow! I had an interesting day today. Recently, as you have known I have spent a lot of time meditating and each day reflecting a little on what has happened and where I am headed. After my accident, financially I was in a bit of a pickle. I could just pay my bills and rent and enough for food, but that's about it. The way I view money and "materialistic" things now is different. 

I still like to have money, and things and I like shopping still. I have been looking at it differently though recently (without even realising it). I just have this feeling that it will all work out, I've stopped worrying about it, everything will fall into place. And finally I realised that worrying about something that is not in your control does not help you, but in actual fact makes things worse and harder to work through. Have you ever heard the saying "Let it go and it will just happen"? Or maybe I made it up, but as soon as you let go of something, your demeanour changes and everything starts to fall into place. 

I read this interesting article about meditation, mantras and letting things be. And when you do this consistently that what you use to be worried about, falls into place without you pushing and worrying for it. So by not worrying about money and by letting it go, everything has started to work out and fall into place. 

I'm not sure fully how to explain this all, except by not really focussing and worrying about something what you want to happen will happen anyway if it is meant to. Wow! That's a tongue twister!! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 79

Wow! What a day! Spent the morning with my bestie, long drive back home, then to top it off...a funfilled Nutrimetics evening!! Amazing! 

The good thing about today, with so much thinking time whilst driving, was that I have remotivated myself in some of the areas that I have let slip or just cruise by and not actively do anything. So I have spent the last few minutes doing things that I keep putting off - sending emails, writing a to do list for tomorrow, organising my dairy etc. 

I was reminded the other day about the time management seminar I attended a while back..where when you have a short time frame you get more done. So we should give ourselves a shorter time frame more frequently. I am putting this in place from tomorrow. I have always had a list for everything. But now its going to be a list that is achievable and on a shorter time frame!

Then  the awesome feeling of having completed the list!! :) Each night...along with my grateful journal and blog I am going to write a to do list for the next day. 

It's late now..have a good sleep!!

...Until Tomorrow xox

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 78

Crossing paths with people from the past is like making new friends with old acquaintances. And what’s better is you don’t need to start from scratch with a friendship!! J

So this weekend was a great chance for me to rekindle some friendships, have a laugh and visit friends that have always been there. It’s interesting as you get older you seem to streamline your friends, having less, but more quality. But there is something to be said with continuing to open up your heart to meet new people.

Everyone that crosses your path will do so for a reason, and you will learn so much from them. Even if it’s a painful relationship (referring to friendships as well) whilst you’re in it, you will look back and learn something from it. You could learn what people you don’t want to have in your life, it may give you the strength to believe in yourself and stand by what you believe in AND most importantly it may open doors for a new and better relationship.

And then sometimes the most positive relationships still don’t last forever and perhaps leave you even more heart broken. But they too may only have been in your life for a reason. To teach you something. So take from every person you meet something that will help you along your life journey. For when you are looking and making an impact on others lives, they too are taking something from your interaction to have an impact on their life. So compliment someone, and look for the good thing in everyone!

…Until Tomorrow xox