Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 204

Today I went for a pedicure and manicure - first time ever! Let me give you an account of my overwhelming entertaining experience. 

The first step was to make an appointment with a salon, that I had a voucher for. So I went in and had a look at a 'menu'. I thought only restaurants had menus! There were pedicures, manicures, microdermabrasions, rock massages… So I thought I have enough money, I'll do both a pedicure and manicure. Then the next decision - what sort? I thought there was only one! But no, you can get basic, basic with 'gel' nails or deluxe…given you had to pay an additional $40 for a deluxe I thought I'll go 'gel' (maybe then it will stay on during dog training!).

Ooooh, I had great delight in telling everyone what I was doing..! Then the day arrived and I walked into the salon…only to realise I had left my voucher at home! Oh no! So I talked to the lady at the front - who said 'no worries!' and proceeded to look at a scrappy notebook (apparently their documentation of vouchers). I sat down and was asked if I would like a tea, coffee or water. Water please! 

A heavily made up, young blonde girl called my name. She pointed to the left and said 'in there'. So I walked aimlessly…to a dark room, which had a chair either side of a towel-covered bed. I started talking small talk and was answered with a 'grunt' here or there. So I sat down and tried to keep quiet. I told her I was excited and it was my first time of having a manicure. To which she replied…just put your hands here and gestured to the spot in between the two chairs and nudged some individual painted nails closer to me - I assumed to help me choose a colour..which took me all of a few minutes - Red sparkly! 

She looked at my nails, and asked if I wanted to keep the length, then started attacking them with a file. Then started to scrub them with a block. I asked what she was doing, which she said 'buffing' (a little like duh, you should know that!) Then I asked what that did. "Helps smooth out the nails". Then came some oil to soften my cuticles and stated pushing my skin down my nail (I expected it to hurt, but just felt weird). Which apparently is to get rid of excess skin - according to this girl, is only to make your nails look better. Which they do. But it got my mind wandering..who thought of this odd thing to do with your nails?? Then out come these strange clipper like things and 'trimmed my cuticles'. Then onto the colour…or so I thought!

Nope! First go on an adhesive…then an undercoat…then 2 coats of colour and a top coat. In between each there is this blue light machine thing that you need to put your hand in to 'dry' the layers. All I kept thinking was 'oh no! I'm going to get skin cancer!!!' Finally the young girl said something…"Hmm, your cuticles could be a bit better, but they will get there the more times you come"… After 30minutes of sitting still, watching layer after layer being applied…I was really proud of myself… but a next time?!! We'll see!!

Then came the pedicure…I sat in an awkward position whilst she did the same steps. Where was my foot scrub and massage?? Oh, apparently that's a 'deluxe'…When they helped me decide they chose me to have gel nails on my toes instead of a foot scrub!! Buggar! Now all I need to do is to find the strength to get my toes out to admire them in this freezing weather! Perhaps I can cut the toes out of my socks, just so everyone knows I can sit still for 30mins! 

It was an interesting experience. The thing I learnt today was that if you know your job and someone comes to you and has no idea what it entails you can do one of two things. 
1. Describe what you are doing and do a great job. 
2. Do the bare minimum to for the client to think you've done a great job and leave them confused but happy-ish.
But either way - act with confidence and they will be none the wiser! Hit home to me today the whole 'fake it til you make it' saying…particularly as I was WAY out of my depth!

To lovely nails for Easter!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 203

Start everything with the end in mind. This is one of the steps from the book "7 habits of highly effective people" (a must read for everyone!!) Have a look here. Which got me onto thinking. What is your purpose on earth? What exactly do you want to leave? Most people want to Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy. What legacy do you want to leave? 

I was thinking about myself today, and realised I have forgotten to keep reminding myself of the things that make me, well…me. What is my end? How do I want to feel when I am on my death bed? What is my purpose? This is something I need to continue to remind myself everyday, as like most people I get lost sometimes in the hum-drum of day-to-day, and the stress of making decisions for the short term. BUT are these decisions sitting well with my purposes? What is my mission statement??

So I decided tonight I need to figure out just that. My mission statement and write it clearly to view DAILY. So stay tuned, as it is a work in progress. But something I learnt today was that you need to behave and live by your mission statement as though it will happen - even if over time it may change. 

What end do you have in mind? What is important to you? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 202

I've talked a lot the past few days about goals and being positive and success. With every success there generally is at least 100 failures, or I like to call them 'set backs'. So, what do you do when you encounter these set backs? Do you know what? If your reason for doing something is so strong, you'll pick yourself up and and just do it. Nothing anyone says or does will stop you from achieving your dreams.

So, what is your strongest desire? What will you do to achieve it? How will you continue to keep going? Something I have found myself is that when I really want something, I will do it. I was training for a marathon before my accident, no matter what the day brought, I always did my training - strength, swim or run. That dream has not gone, just because of my knee 'set back' - although frustrating at times, I am continuing to train everyday, albeit at a slower rate. I will get there though! 

I love this quote! No amount of envy, jealousy or whinging about someone else's assets, relationships or job success will bring success into your life. What it will do is make you angry, bitter and resentful - and being that you attract what you put out…well… Someone I heard just recently said 'I take someone else's negativity towards myself and wish them all the best and hope they can find their own positive path'. Not always easy…but the most rewarding things are those that we work for. 

Look at each set back as one that you will learn from and continue to working towards. If it happens again, the method that you are using to achieve your goal / dream is not working and you may need to re-evaluate. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 201

So I am continuing to read a highly motivating book "Think, and Grow Rich". The first thing, you need to do is set a goal. In any area of your life, change will not happen unless you have a definitive goal. i.e. I want to let go of some weight - how much? Or should you focus more on your fat percentage? Be specific!

Once you've set this goal, VISUALISE yourself having it. For many this sounds a little to abstract…but it happens! This really clicked into place the other day when I was talking to a few of my friends and I said "When I …." (I'll fill you in more when it happens). One of my friends scoffed and said "As if..!!" The other said "Yep, she'll definitely do it." Which got me onto thinking about other times in my life. Every time I have wanted to do something - I know I'm going to do it, and I do. Whenever I'm unsure, or say 'maybe' it never happens. FRAME OF MIND definitely impacts the success of a goal. 

1. Define a specific goal
2. Break it down into smaller steps
3. Visualise yourself having it (the more emotion the better)
4. Use clear and concise language - When I…, I am… 
5. Tell as many people as you can - they will help to remind you what your goals are
6. Surround yourself with successful, positive people
7. Use any setbacks to fuel your fire
8. You never know how close you are to achieving your goal before you 'quit'

The other big one is, surround yourself with images and mantras of your goal. Ie if it was around finance. I will have an income of $10,000 a month by January 2016 by providing services in… and when I reach that income I will feel so relieved and excited to be able to pay for a holiday easily. (etc..)

The more you repeat this to yourself, the higher chance you'll make it happen!

Good luck with your goal setting! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 200

I am listening to an interesting book at the moment called '1 minute manager' where one of the principals is that 80% of your productivity comes from 20% of your goals. So it suggests to keep your goals simple, and and measurable. It also talks about presenting a problem with a behavioural solution. 

So rather than whinging about something, highlight what you deem is a problem - say gossiping in the staff room might be mismanaged time and then a solution - say a structured break time. We all often fall into whinging or moaning or gossiping at some point, what I loved about what I was listening to today was that when you apply this principal, you are able to distance yourself from something that previously made you angry, and come up with a solution. 

This is something I will continue to try from now on. The other thing it was saying is 20% of your time produces 80% of your productivity. I believe this comes back to procrastination for the other 80% of your time! But most importantly, use the first 20% of your day (or 1.5hours) to get the work done that is TOP priority. Oooh, this comes back to the things I LOVE…To-do lists! 

So I am going to spend the first 10minutes of the day, prioritising my to-do list, and actively work to achieve the top items in the first 1.5hours of my working day. Mmm, I'm excited and interested with this, and can't wait to get started tomorrow!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 199

Have you ever stopped and thought about why you love someone? What is it about them that you are attracted to? Last weekend my best friend and I completed a few personality tests, it was so interesting and I definitely recommend everyone have a go. It's very insightful. The one we liked the most can be found at http://www.16personalities.com

Can you guess which I am?? ENFP of course!! :)

What we found was that we were so different in so many aspects - I was an extrovert and very open to talking to people and creating ideas and dreams, and she was an introvert, taking time to really open up and very good at procedures / structure / business. Where we are so different, we compliment each other. But there are so many aspects that are similar - we are both driven, open to personal development, and most importantly at the same stage in our lives. 

It got me onto thinking about others in my life. What did I love about the other peoples closest to me? And what did they love about me? I just asked my boyfriend to share, and I shared my thoughts. What was fascinating, is often what attributes frustrate ourselves are the ones that others find fascinating - or attractive. Interesting, isn't it?? This goes back to the fact that we are so hard on ourselves! 

What do you love about yourself? The ones you are closest to? Often we go through the day saying 'I love you' or talking to people - sometimes taking people for granted, without really thinking about why they are important in our lives. Take some time to reflect on why the people you surround yourself are in your life, but also why you love them. 

Remember - you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So choose wisely ! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 198

Today I felt like I was winning! 6 whole hours off to myself - after working for 46 out of 48 hours straight (with a break for the gym of course!!). I feel so refreshed! I caught up with my sister, washed Buddy, cleaned all my animal enclosures, did 3 loads of washing, some paperwork AND watched 2 movies!! :) In continuance to looking after myself, I had a healthy salad for dinner. 

I was having a great discussion with my sister, and the same thing came up - as it has so frequently lately - self care. It's the last thing we think of working on, and the first thing that disappears when life gets "busy". What do you do to look after yourself? What can you do to make sure you continue to look after yourself, even when life gets "busy". 

Some of my suggestions are:

1. Do it everyday. Make it habit. Something that you do without actively thinking - like brushing your teeth. 

2. Get rid of any technology for 30minutes - focus on you - meditate, read, reflect on the day. 

3. Learn what you do to 'procrastinate' and work on this - majority of our day when we are busy is actually doing things that I call fluffing! We all know what they are - things that actually don't need to be done, and make us feel like we haven't achieved anything. For example; playing on your phone, moving things from one room of the house to another..etc

4. Use writing to reflect on your day. Write a journal, or a blog! or a letter to someone. 

5. Remove yourself from the 'hustle and bustle', sit quietly.

6. Choose healthy options for meals and snacks - and eat every 3 hours!

7. Exercise!! (My favorite!) Proven to decrease stress and anxiety and release feel-good hormones. Even if all you can manage is around the block. 

8. If you watch TV, use the ad break to stretch, squeeze in a few exercises, or put it on mute and talk to your housemate / partner / children. 

9. Read or listen to books that teach you something…motivational, biographies that motivate you etc
10. Have a dream board - put up motivational quotes, pictures, sayings etc ANYTHING that tells you what you are working for…what motivates you to get out of bed…?

11. Be consistent! Do the same thing, each time you think the same thing…i.e. every time you feel like you can't go for a walk, think about how you will feel after it is done and just do it. 

12. Write down your goals, and break them down into smaller steps…i.e. I want to run a 10km fun run - be specific, write down a date, how long you want it to take you, do you want to do it alone, how long will it take you to train, etc. 

Just food for thought. Most importantly, remember that:

Look after yourself and you will be able to look after others. 

Make sure you keep refilling your cup.

…Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 197

I was playing around with images and writing quotes today and one that I was playing most with was Henry Fords "If you think you can or you can't, you're right". Which got me onto thinking about what we need to do to change about our thinking. Do you ever go into something really trepidous, and immediately start talking yourself out of it?

I know I used to! I use to go…"I'm not sure how I'll go because I'm not very good at paperwork" which turns into "I'm not very good at many things" then start to feel worse, then "oh I'm just not really up to trying / doing this". Then it's a vicious cycle and you end up at the beginning feeling worse and scared to try something new. So now I approach a situation looking at what POSITIVE attributes I can bring to it, and if I do get scared or fearful of a situation, I reflect about the importance of trying new things! And why I am doing it in the first place…

So I have made a promise to myself to try something outside of my comfort zone at least once a week. What have you tried lately that has made you feel like you are living!!?? Have you done something different? We all tend to get stuck in a routine and rut of going through the motions. Keep things interesting by doing something out of your comfort zone!! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

Day 196

What about life makes it difficult? Why do we make things so hard for ourselves? I am excited to say that I have created a Facebook page, which I'll now share my blog, but also exciting, motivational, happy and inspiring quotes, thoughts and stories :) Please visit and like it:

The reason I most wanted to do this was that I found I was starting to get bogged down with "day-to-day" hum drum, when I actually realised that I get inspired as much, if not more by sharing and talking about what I have learnt over the past 10months. And since I have been writing this I have already gotten 10 likes (a big ego boost!!). What I'm most excited about it, is the ability to have a positive impact on my friends, family and hopefully one day the wider community! 

What motivates you? What is your end goal to working at something. When it is clear in your own mind, you will find it easier to be a calmer, more confident, self-assured, happy version of yourself. My motivations are currently to better myself everyday. I am working at my fitness, choosing healthy options, and learning more about how I work - by reading motivational books and doing personality tests. 

How are you a happier, healthier person?

…Until Tomorrow xox

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 195

Back into the swing of it! Just when you feel like things are really an uphill battle, where one door closes, one will certainly open…another may also open which means you need to make decisions - or see which one "fits" the best. Often the one you talk about the most is not the thing you should be focussing on. If you find when you reach this point that you are constantly focussing on justifying a decision (any decision) then it's not meant to be. 

The best decisions and life choices we make, we do not question. Think back to a time when you have made a life - altering decision…did you agonise and justify it? Or did you make it and be comfortable? I know that I tend to agonise over even the smallest of decisions. BUT I also know that the best decisions I have ever made, are not ones that have taken me years to decide, or ones where I have been forced to decide, but ones that were solely choice.

They have taken me on adventures, travels or lead to experiences and growth that I previously would not of had, if I had not of tried something different. So often we get stuck in a rut - of doing what we are comfortable with, or what we know works. Imagine how you would feel if you stepped outside of your comfort zone, and you succeeded at something that you never thought possible??

What life decision have you been putting off? Or hoping would just 'work out' themselves??!

…Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 194

Today I am at an annual girls weekend down at Port Fairy Folk Festival. Something all of us really look forward to! And each year the members of the troop change! I had the best catch up with my best friend on the drive down here. And we were talking and I stopped mid sentence and said 'crap I haven't written in my blog for nearly a week'. 

It is so easy to fall out of habit, probably easier that it is to form it. I could quite easily sit here and list off the mirage of reasons that I have not written - I've been sick, I've had a lot on, I've been exhausted, I've had visitors, etc. All of which are true, but when you decide to do something regardless of what is happening around you, there will be no 'excuses' or 'reasons' for not doing it. 

Sometimes however, you make mistakes, or need to loose your way a little in order to remind yourself what IS important and what YOU want to be doing with your time whilst you are alive. And this is exactly what I have come to. This blog is important, therapeutic and fun for me to do. So this morning I opted not to go for a walk on the beach - due to my knee playing up with all the walking. Instead of being sad and mopey, I decided to write my blog and take some quality 'me' time. Just as important as a walk on the beach! :)

What habit have you recently fallen out of doing? Did you need a break and are more determined to continue? Or are you happy to let go of it??

…Until Tomorrow xox