Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 242

I'm at a bit of a loss of what to write tonight, so I thought I'd just start writing and see what happens! I am on a sleepover shift and I forgot my toothbrush. And gosh I'm uncomfortable!! Who would think that such a little thing could impact you such a lot?! But then that's not overly surprising is it, when on a day-to-day basis we let lots of little things impact us. 

It's hard to be positive when you are surrounded by negativity. This week I have realised this so much more than normal, as I haven't been 100%...fighting a cold, the everyday battle of pain etc. So I let little things really bug me. This happens a lot more I think when we forget to look after ourselves. 

Sometimes you really need to check in with yourself and be reminded of what is really important. I mean, yes I will have furry teeth tonight, but I think my partner and friends and family will still love me. What is most important to you? Have you been giving it the love and attention you need to? If the answer is no, then we are living life the wrong way! 

Go and spend time with your loved ones, watch a movie, garden, read a book or exercise. Whatever is most important to you! 

...Until Tomorrow (with clean teeth) xox

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 241

When something has been taken away from you - something you really miss - it can be challenging to be happy for someone else when they achieve it. It's interesting isn't it - how can you be happy for someone when they are achieving or have something that you really want, but can't have right now?

Every time I see one of my friends (or anyone on social media actually) RUNNING, my stomach does a backward flip, I feel sick and sad...and I start to resent my situation. That's ok, I can feel that way. I can acknowledge it and move on. Now I see people and I am happy for their achievement in running, without comparing myself and my situation to it. And that is what I realise it comes down to. 

Everyday we are flooded with situations, images, music, and people that challenge us to be better, or to compare us to other people (particularly those that may not be realistic, such as models...) And that I think is the biggest challenge - not to succumb to outwardly influences to impact on how we feel inwardly. That reminds me of a saying I came across once:

'If you are outwardly influenced, you are inwardly lost'.

I think we need to be careful about what we take from media, photos, Facebook, friends, advice etc. Yes you can get a bit sad when you compare yourself to someone, but remember it is what you do with it, and how you manage you fall into a put of 'poor me' or do you reflect on the other strong aspects you have in your life??

Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good, and feel fulfilled about where you are in life. 

...Until Tomorrow xox

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 240

Sometimes the littlest act of kindness can make yours and someone else day. We often look at 'charity' or 'kindness' as being this huge thing, that at the end of the day we are so tired, it just gets thrown into the too-hard basket. This is in regards to us and others. Like we imagine we have to go volunteer for a whole day with an in-need charity, or we have to set aside 2hours a day to do 'self care' for ourselves. 

I want to tell you something...even the littlest act can be rejuvenating and so fulfilling. So what are these little acts?? Smile - at someone or even when you're by yourself. It releases endorphins so makes you feel good, and can be that one thing that turns around someones day! (Just no creepy clown smiles...!) 

Look around you - take the beauty in the little things. For example I was driving past an empty paddock and looked over and there was a cow standing with it's too front legs on a mound, it really only need a cloak flowing behind it! And there in the car, by myself, I laughed so hard! It re-energised me for the day! 

Next time you are walking or driving take note of what is around you. When someone tells you to take note of the simple things - think about what they are for you. A smile, a cow, a child running, a slow-motion dog running, scaring your is limitless. 

Use your time wisely. You can spend a few minutes a day both on yourself and others. You really don't need to be overwhelmed by days or hours allocated to this. 

...Until tomorrow xox

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 239

I'm a bit addicted to a game on my phone (probably along with majority of smart-phone users!) it is a search game, where you have a list of items to look for and you tap on them when you find it. You earn coins to unlock more scenes. There is also a 'gambling' scene where you can spin with coins to earn more coins. And the amount of coins fluctuate. (just as in life!)

As I was playing the other day I had next to no coins, then tonight I had heaps. My mentality changed around my coins. And I started thinking about some advice I got last year where I was struggling for money - they said to me 'Let go of the worry around money and money will come'. At the time - I thought, how can I not worry about money if I have none to pay the bills?! Preposterous!! But playing this gambling scene made me realise - its not the value of money that affects how much you do or don't do, it is the matter of which you view it. 

When I had lots of coins, I spent them, I gambled them and then I worked hard for more. I was more relaxed, I approached it with a sense on 'if I got it once, I'll get it again' rather than being a scrooge and holding on to each coin as though it were real life! I realised lately that I have been using this in real life more often. Not that I am swimming in money, but I have the view that it will work out, and the more relaxed I become about it the more I attract. 

I guess its the same as the saying "you attract what you are putting out". Hmmm...this is an interesting topic I feel, and one that perhaps needs more exploring. But until then, I'll keep playing this silly game and let you know any other epiphany's I may have!!

...Until Tomorrow xox

Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 238

How many times a day do we say something like 'argh I have to go to work.' or 'I can't be bothered...' or 'I don't want to...' I do it! We all do!! But...what if we change that? We can acknowledge it..and turn it into something else. Be grateful for the ability to go to work. Or list the reason why this particular job is good...the pay cheque..ability to pay bills, go out for dinner etc. 

If we stop and think about what is good in something, there are many reasons to be grateful.  And you feel better about the situation. This is not always easy. To see why you are grateful for something - especially if you dislike it so much. When I was thinking about my blog today, I thought to myself - what is something I really dislike? And can I see the positives in it? 

So...the one thing I dislike WEATHER! Yuck. I love the sun and summer and being warm. So here goes:
- You can snuggle up in front of the heater
- Having a 'doona day' or movie day is easy because the weathers crappy
- You can layer up
- You can fall asleep hearing rain on the roof
- Sunshine on a freezing day is beautiful

It's funny, as I was listing all of those, I was saying...yes..but.. or I was having a battle with myself listing all of the reasons I dislike the cold weather!! So it's not easy, but there is something good in everything. But it's up to YOU to choice which path you want to take - being negative consumes you and makes you become more negative. Being positive creates positivity. 

What will you choose to do next time you are faced with the decision. Take the easy - negative, or work a wee bit harder and find the positive???

 ...Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 237

Sometimes it's ok to sit quietly and cry. Just to feel how overwhelming it is and just let go. I work in the disability field and my client was extremely upset last night. Sobbed and sobbed - very relevant considering the days events. I just sat there and let her cry. I had plenty to say, but for the first time since my accident and being told to just let yourself feel, I understood the power of just letting go. 

All you need sometimes is someone just to sit there and be supportive - not to offer advice or say everything will be ok. Just allowing you to let go and feel whatever you need to. It's funny how in my line of work I see people and dogs expressing what they are feeling when they feel it. Yet as we get older there is something in us that stops us from expressing how we are feeling. When does that change? When do we in society say it's 'wrong' to feel? 

I know I will suppress my feelings according to where I am, who I'm with etc. And on top of that very few people see me cry. But then I get angry and stroppy (which I'm sure most people have seen!!). But allowing yourself to feel however you are feeling at the time is important, then it won't get bottled up and have you express them inappropriately. Even if you meditated. Or stop and breathe and feel. Even for a few seconds. 

Acknowledgement is the first step to feel. Often as soon as you acknowledge how you feel you move on. You actually don't feel for a long period of time. are you feeling? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 236

Do you ever have one of those days where you all of a sudden know where you are heading? That clarity and no doubt that where you are heading is exactly where you should be going? It's such as strange feeling. I've recently watched my closest friends go through it - one starting a photography business with her partner, one successfully building a direct selling business, one starting a family, one beginning her first romance. 

It's so lovely to see your friends finding what they want to be doing, and just...well...doing it! There are some days were I watch and just wish things would go well for me too. But then when I stop and think about what I have right now...I realise I am happy with where I am going. And for once I am focussing on ONE business / job - not 500... It's so strange as there is still a part of me that thinks...oh no...what about...then the other part says - NO! (or shouts it reallY!)

So...I will be enrolling in a course shortly that I have wanted to do for the past 3 years. The 'ticking' off of a few to-do's on my 2015 list has been the fire I need to do more and focus more. I will be studying a small animal naturopathy course which includes massage. I am sooo excited. I will be continuing my learning of animals! Bring it on! 

So many ideas and so little time. I am going to schedule a whole day just to plan. Scrub it out as a butcher's paper day! I think sometimes we get caught up in the past - thinking about what we should of done or the path we should of taken, we forget to look at what we have now, where we are headed. 

Do you have the courage and faith to do what your heart is telling you? Go on...feel the fear and do it anyway!

...Until Tomorrow xox

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 235

So, as you know yesterday I bought a bike. Wow. I never thought I would be so excited! Today I went for my first bike ride since my accident on a brand new bike! It was amazing on all accounts. I could ride. I rode for a whole HOUR! And it was easy because it fit me, and it was a road bike!

It's funny. I have been around 'bike' people before - previous partners, bosses, friends - but now that I have one of my very own - I finally understand what all of the fuss is about! I can't wait to climb on it again! 

In amoungst all of the excitement of riding a new comfy bike, I also need to be realistic. My body is not functioning at the best it can be and tonight when I did my 'physio' meditation I was quite aware of my chronic pain - neck, shoulder, knee foot. So I will need to take it slowly. Yet it is so nice to be able to get out and about and DO something that slightly resembles what I use to. 

Is my Megs' before accident world starting to be in reach? Or am I adapting and changing with possibilities? Either way it is nice to start to be more in control of those possibilities. I have been letting my pain take ahold and control me. Instead of acknowledging it, and finding a way around it. 

I was talking to my dad today, who is such an inspiration, he has arthritis in his lower back and a pinched nerve, so his leg feels like it is on fire every day. He also struggles to do tasks which he use to be able to do with ease. Yet he never complains and always has a laugh and a smile. It reminds me of what we have control of and what we don't. We can put a smile on our faces and see the joy in life. That is a choice we can make no matter the situation. 

What choice will you make tomorrow?

...Until Tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 234

That exciting time when everything feels like it's starting to fall into place. I have a whiteboard in my kitchen which lists my goals for 2015 - I keep it there so I look at it every time I go into the kitchen. About a month ago I actually started to reflect on my goals each time I walked past it. And envisage what I would do / how I would feel / what it would look like etc.

In the space of one week I have ticked off two of the goals and am on the way to tick off another. Some people feel that reflection and truly envisaging what you want can be a waste of time. This past month has proved to me that it most definitely is not! 

I completed an exercise last year where you close your eyes and the mentor talks you through imagining selecting a lemon, how it would look / feel / the shape etc. Then what would happen when you cut it and how it would taste. When you opened your eyes at the end most people were salivating or cringing at the sour taste. It was to show the power of imagery. 

When you write down your goals, do you write them done matter-of-factly and just walk away? Or do you stop at each and will you feel, what will it look like, what does it mean to you? If you are clear with your goals and really want something, you will get it. The hurdles along the way will be annoying bumps as opposed to unclimbable mountains. 

What will you imagine for your future? 

...Until Tomorrow xox