Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 246

What is it about life that makes you give up? 

When I set myself the task of writing this blog, I was a bit broken, needed something to motivate and help me through a time...yet 12 months has past since I began this journey and I am only at day 246. What happened along the way for me to stop writing (something I love)? Oh of course I can tell you the myriad of reasons as to why this has happened.
I've been working, I don't have enough time, I've been on holidays, I have no internet...oh believe me I have not only heard them all, but actually said them all.


What is easy is giving up. What is harder, is jumping back onto the horse...the longer you leave it, the harder it is, and the more excuses you find to say that it's ok. The funny thing is how much power we give away to others when we are making the decisions to do it again. Such as 'everyone will think I'm silly for starting it again' or 'everyone will wonder why I had a break' or 'everyone will think..here we go again, how long until I quit this time...' 

In ACTUAL reality, people are happy with whatever you decide to do. They may be disappointed or may want more from you - but that is THEIR issue not yours. 

So once you've overcome the initial steps to your 'come back', how do you stop it from happening again? My advice...you focus on the now. Do what enjoys you right now. Will stopping something you have started up again happen? Maybe? Possibly? Probably. Will that be ok? Definitely. 

I was reminded of this again last night at Nutrimetics training - 

It's not how you handle the highs that define your success and your abilities - but how you handle the lows. 

What makes your heart sing? What do you enjoy? Why aren't you doing it? Go and do it. 


...Until Tomorrow xox

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