Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 248

Today I ran 1.2km first time since my accident - relatively pain free. A HUGE step in my recovery. For those who have been listening to me for the past 18months, can understand the importance of this for me. 

My life over the past 18months has been up and down and sometimes sideways. It's not so much about the physical or emotional aspects, but on the whole, tiring ordeal. I think sometimes we forget how quickly our bodies adapt to change, yet we are left behind emotionally. I have learnt so much over this time - about myself, about change and also about PACING - not getting what you want straight away just because you want it. 

It's interesting how when you want something so bad, people say you can get it. What they neglect (or perhaps even know) is that you may get it, but it can take some serious time and effort chipping away toward the end goal. Also whilst you are doing that the end goal might of changed! I always want to get back into running - so that aspect hasn't changed a great deal, what has changed is my mindset and my method of doing so. Instead of running 6 months ago (which I could, but was in a lot of pain), I took my time building up strength in my legs, working at things I knew I could do - slowly.

Frustratingly slowly. But the time spent building up my strength has made the joy today so much sweeter. Oh there were times on the run where I was wondering whether I wanted to stop because of knee pain, or because of 'mental' pain (thinking there was pain but there wasn't). Needless to say I pushed through. 

The saying 'no-one said it would be easy' is definitely true, mental strength and stamina is needed...for all things in life. How much do you want it? How long are you ready to chip away at it? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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