Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 243

My computer went kaput for 2 weeks! Now I have it back, be ready for all my epiphany's whilst I couldn't write...

1. I think dicitonary's should add words into the list once your phone auto-corrects your own made-up ones!

2. Never go to a NEW shopping centre when you are busting for the toilet

3. Always bring extra

4. Keep receipts and photocopy them, particularly important things

5. Eat every three hours to make sure you don't eat like a trojan (or naughty things)

6. Do what makes your heart sing...not ride the 
wave's of someone else's success

7. Life can be cut short in an instant, appreciate the little things...sun on your face, a wag of your dogs tail, bbq with family, phone call from friends

8. You can get more done when you are expecting visitors (or have a shorter timeframe!)

9. 'Busy' is a state of mind..not what is packed into your diary

10. Can you say you have saved money if it gets spent as soon as you reach your goal target??

11. You can get many opinions of something, yet the only one you should trust is the opinion you form yourself!

12. Always take a travel mug

...Until Tomorrow xox

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