Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 250

Time. It goes past us in a blink of an eye. How often do we say..."It feels like only yesterday" or "I meant to do that before it closed..." or how many people wish they had spent longer with their loved one before they passed? I bet everyone has been there before. Today I find myself in this situation, where I have been so focussed on work that I've let the "life" aspect slip. Oh, I am sooo good at saying "I'll just focus on this for a few months..." which turns into a year, or two...

What does it take to remind us that every minute we have is precious? Why fill these minutes with things we have to do, not with what we want to do. Of course we all need to have a job of some description, as while we are living the life we want, the bills still come in! But that's not to say that every waking moment is spent in the monogomy of work or better yet, when you are at work, you do what makes your heart sing, so it feels like play!

I have been having a few ideas roll around my head lately, about the 'what-ifs'. Which is a waste of time, as things in your life come and they go...memories are made, and no amount of 'what if' talk can change the past. So I have embarked on a 100day goal journey with the business bakery. Which is holding me accountable. My first instinct (and even 11days in I am still going strong) was to focus on work!! (Surprise surprise!) Yet the one thing I need MOST is self-care. So I have begun to also do 2 things a day that are entirely for me. Hence why I have chosen to pick my blog back up. 

This blog was started after a serious life changing event. It has carried me through many different times, and has been a bit of a rollercoaster! But for me, it has been so self-rewarding and therapeutic, the only reason I can think of that I stopped, was because of the illusive time. So, my question to you all, is what area to you let slip if you don't think you have enough time in the day? If the world were to end tomorrow, would you be happy right where you are??!

...Until Tomorrow xox

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