Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 251

I've let things lapse, I haven't been looking after myself as I should do. I have found myself 'too busy' for self care, and I have reached a point similar to where I was before I even started writing this blog...almost at exhaustion. I had a stern talking to myself today - I cannot continue the way I am going - or I will burn out. I am/was so busy making a living I forgot to focus on life. 

Business is going well, other work is awesome, bills are getting paid, savings building up...but personally? I haven't had a day off in almost 2 months, I'm short tempered, tired, flat and lack energy. And instead of doing great things I know revive me - exercise or blog or catching up with friends or hanging with buddy, I work harder, longer, strive for more then beat myself up for 'wasting' even a minute of my day. 

I will always be 'busy' and motivated and a go-getter, but somehow I have forgotten what the important things in life are - health, friends, family, relationships, freedom, LIVING!! So what to do?! How to make me be OK with the being aspect - and hopefully relishing in it again? Today I embark on my new 365day challenge - I will document it, I will relax (not just because someone tells me too!) and I will turn my life back into one that makes me smile and feel energised to be living!!

Life's not about judging yourself - we all fall back into those toxic habits - but about giving yourself the love and care when you need it. I need to focus on myself (not work or anything else). What toxic habit have you fallen back into?

...until tomorrow xox

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