Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 252

Today started on a better foot, I spent 10minutes when I woke up to meditate then I spent an hour at the gym with my phone OFF. I not only felt more like myself, but I was tons more productive. I think we all have those "down" days, where we can't quite get motivated (yesterday!) but in the wise words of one of my mentors - sometimes you need to put in a few months hard work to reap the benefits. And this is exactly what was said and is happening with the 100day challenge I am undertaking. I am working damn hard AND it's working, but I also recognise the importance of balance.

Today has taught me the importance of MAKING time for yourself - there are always excuses - always time to be "busy" and there will ALWAYS be a to-do list. Just make sure YOU are at the top of that list. You cannot be productive - successful - the best you, unless you look after yourself. What are the things you do to recharge, make yourself feel more like the you that everyone else loves?? 

Coming into Easter makes us all slow down and take some time. We are all living life at a more frantic pace - so take these holidays as a chance to remind yourself there is more to life than being 'busy', do what you love which will make your heart sing and you radiate happiness - the rest will fall into place. 

...Until Tomorrow xox


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