Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 253

What happens when things fall in place? When you have surrounded yourself with awesome, motivating people and push through the tiredness and 'just do it' attitude (even if you feel like you are dragging your feet) - life has a way of falling into place. So today I have just elevated with my Nutrimetics business - my team is growing and I love helping other people aim (and achieve) the things they are setting out for. AND my dog training business is falling into place - with over 10 enquiries just this week!! 

I may be tired and currently having a well-earned beer (and sleep in tomorrow!)! But am so pumped that all the hard work is paying off!! I was reading something just the other day about the 'fake (or faith) it till you make it' philosophy. I use to have this feeling that even my bestest poker face wouldn't be able to fool people! But I think sometimes what you think and what others perceive are two completely different things.

This was proved to me yesterday in Aldi - I was on a mission to get shopping completed before I had to start dog training, so I was slowly going aisle by aisle (as with everyone else in town - as I swear being closed on Good Friday = Apocolypse). When an elderly gentleman stopped me and said "you have very kind and beautiful eyes" I said thank you and smiled and he replied "You are very beautiful when you seem a bit too serious when you were shopping!!" It was really sweet, not a sleazy line at all. And a reminder to not take life too seriously - even when shopping for an apocolypse.

What it reminded me of though is we are who we are. Sounds vague doesn't it? But what I really mean is that people can see through your facade to see who you are. So be who you are and you will be beautiful and shine through. Also, never forget to compliment those around you who are beautiful too, you never know what it will mean to them. 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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