Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 206

With every down, there is an up. It's inevitable. We all feel down, or low, or have our creepy little gremlin talking negatively to ourselves. It is how long you stay there and how you get out of it that is the thing that differs between people. When you are low, the thoughts that come are 'poor me', 'everything is going so wrong', 'why does these things always happen to me?' We all know these ones!

These thoughts creep in everyday. Like when you want to try something new 'oh I won't be any good at it', 'everyone will look at me', 'everyone will laugh', 'I will fail'. It's whether or not you believe these thoughts that shape how you feel about the situation - not whether you have these thoughts. The important thing to remember and even reflect upon, is that they are only thoughts. They have not come true and are definitely NOT fact. 

The only way you can get out of these down days, or the negative thoughts, is by YOU choosing to change the way you look at your thoughts. Your thoughts do not define your life, or actions. But if you think about them too much you WILL become them. The saying if you think it you can do it. It depends on whether you are focussing on the negative or the positive. 

Are you the type of person that when presented with a situation will look for all of the things that are not right with it? Or do you look at what has gone right for you? Are you listening to the gremlin talking on your shoulder, or are you clear headed and looking for a solution? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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