Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 210

I'm sitting here tonight, after doing two appointments with things I love (Dog training and Nutrimetics), with my partner next to me, a cup of tea, the 2 cats and watching a movie (temporarily on pause). The only thing missing is Buddy! 

Sometimes it amazes me how hard it still is to sit and be and just soak it all in. Not to have to do something ALL of the time! I am still a doer…but I respect the fact the grounding and being time is so important. And funnily enough I notice this all the time in the disability field - carers focus so long and so much effort on getting their clients to DO something, that the essence and importance of switching off and not doing anything is lost. 

What do you allow yourself to do so you 'be'. Do you meditate? Play an instrument? Sit and make shapes out of clouds? Play with a pet? Write? Or something else? Or do you expect yourself to be fully energised 100% of the time and not 'be'? (watching TV doesn't count!!)

It amazes me how energised you can be from 'doing busy' but also from just sitting still and being. I remember that this was the hardest lesson I learnt after my accident. That not all important things happen by doing 100% of the time. 

Allow yourself to rest and sit and let your mind wander - it doesn't always need to be in 'control'. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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