Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 209

I have been a bit lax on writing my blog lately – the main reason is I am a bit torn in two directions, so haven’t had a chance to iron out my thoughts. But tonight I thought to myself, not everything you have to do has to be perfect. I have fallen back into my old habits – where I won’t do something unless I’m perfect at it…because of course, perfection is easily attainable.

Scattered thoughts are what we all deal with on a daily basis – if we don’t continue to check in with ourselves we will fall into a scattered, frantic state where our thoughts are driving our actions. I said to myself, I need to continue to write my blog as an ACTION, regardless of what my THOUGHTS are doing. And it worked, as soon as I sat at my computer to write tonight, an instant calmness came over me.

I have some amazing opportunities coming up at the moment, ones that will push me out of my comfort zone, help me learn new skills and thrive doing so.

In the same token, my year anniversary since my car accident is creeping up. Which is mixed emotions and is a challenging and fragile time.

So between the two, I think you can start to understand where my brain is going into over-drive! But what I needed to remind myself regarding this, was that action and results speak louder than thoughts and promises.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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