Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 211

It is so hard to have gone on a journey, made a difference in how you look at the world, and not pass it on to everyone you meet - particularly those closest to you. So how can you continue to be excited and grow without becoming preachy? You know without always offering advice, your opinion or guidance?

I think the big thing that I have trouble grasping, is that even if YOU have made changes, does not mean everyone around you sees the world the way you do. So I have been working on continuing my deep breathing, meditation and ukulele to keep my sanity. I have found a balance between offering advice or opinions and just simply listening to someone. The other huge thing I have learnt and sometimes fall short of…is not to buy into the negativity, the catty talks in workplaces.

The key to this, is not listening and taking on board what people are saying (if they are negative). You can hear it, you can offer a solution - or a way to look at a situation positively, but not to hear and take everything on board and stress yourself. The other thing is, to wait 24hours to digest something, before 'debriefing' or talking about a situation. As often we respond immediately with emotion, rather than logic. 

Hmm..I'm glad this blog still has a while to go..this is definitely a life-long journey! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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