Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 216

What do you do when you get so angry that you see red and all the blood drains out of your cheeks and all you want to do is swear and scream?? I say, allow yourself to be angry…vent a little (in a healthy way). Do something that relieves the feeling – run, scream, yell, sing etc. Then once you have gotten over the initial anger…chances are you almost want to laugh at the situation…well maybe in time.

Tonight I went to an ultrasound appointment at 850pm at the hospital (yes the same hospital that I have had issues with previously – particularly after my accident). I was told on three separate occaisions (one on voicemail) that my appointment was at 850pm. On arrical to the hospital the doors to xray were closed.

So I went to casualty who knew nothing about the appointment, and called the manager of the hospital, who also knew nothing about it.  I went back in to my car and searched for the voicemail  (I was starting to think that perhaps I had it wrong and it was meant to be at 850am) but lo and behold is said 850pm, so I thought I’d return the call on the number they provided me, just in case I was in the wrong area of the hospital…It went to emergency!

So I fumed and got angry. The last thing I wanted to be doing on a Tuesday night at 9pm was wandering around a hospital, 25minutes from home…without having my appointment that so far I have waited 6weeks for.

I am starting to see the funny-ish side…but am still too annoyed and frustrated toreally be able to laugh! I’ll feel better after a sleep I’m sure.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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