Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 214

The importance of having rest and down time to yourself is often overlooked, especially when life gets 'busy'. It's really interesting to me, as we develop habits - generally ones that get us to where we want to be quicker, such as grabbing a take-away coffee (or making one in a cool thermo cup) so we can walk / drive somewhere else. 

We are the masters of juggling many tasks all at the same time. How do you feel when you drop one of the tasks? Not good I bet, I feel terrible. And to use the words of one of my clients with a disability 'did the world just crash? did you just die?' If not, then it wasn't that dramatic!! So how in our busy life can we develop habits that can incorporate this way of thinking, whilst also looking after ourselves? 

Get up 30mins early and do one thing entirely for yourself. Go for a walk. Meditate. Breathe. Just lay still. I hear you gasp - 30mins earlier? What about sleep?? Look after yourself. Stop spending countless time on your phone or watching TV. Go read a book and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Rest is crucial to helping lead a calm life. 

One thing I have been doing lately - as I have just calculated the ridiculous hours I have been working - eep, I can't say them out loud!! Haha! Is to lay completely still and charge myself in the morning. I just breathe and as I'm breathing I am adding energy - you can look at it anyway you like. Sometimes I am breathing in golden happy bright light - other times I am watching a fuel cell slowly fill with energy other times I am just breathing - with a blank image. Then I take a few moments to plan my day - and make a promise to myself to only do one thing at a time. 

My partner says - you never seem to be watching the movie, you're always doing something else... well, this blog isn't about being perfect all the time! It's about recognising certain things and working on building a beautiful life. (notice it's not a perfect life?!) So I will continue to make mistakes, and learn from them. And identify the habits that are working against my overall aim, and figure out a way to change or do something alternate. 

What do you do to recharge? Have down time? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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