Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 215

I read a lot about having balance in your life - between the different areas of your life. Today I realised it's not about spending equal time in each area of your life everyday, but making the most of the time that you do invest. For example when you are having quality family time, you are not taking work calls (all of the time), or when you are having quality personal time, you are not wasting it. 

I have had an amazing weekend, I worked a bit, I visited family and friends, i practiced ukulele, spent time with my animals and laughed and forgot about work whilst I was doing the other things. It's not until recently I realised no matter what I was doing - I always was somewhere else, i.e. talking to friend whilst thinking about work, at work thinking about other work, with family thinking about boyfriend..etc

Quality time is being fully in the moment, and appreciating every little thing. It's not about the big things - its about the million little things. Like a spontaneous hug, or a shared joke, or laughing until you almost or do wet yourself, or the funny mannerisms. Quantity time when your mind is elsewhere does not make up for it. You are better to spend an hour and really pay attention, than 1 day and being doing or thinking about other things. 

Do you live fully in the moment? Do you appreciate quality time? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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