Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 217

Everyone you meet has a story. Everyone you come in contact with has a past. Generally it's made up of some positive and some not so positive - or tough moments - all which have shaped who they are in the moment you met them. We live in such a judgemental world. Whereby we mostly judge the people that cross our paths in the circumstances that we meet them. 

For example, if someone you work with does not have a high work ethic, you judge them on that, and say 'we wouldn't be friends outside of work'. Yet outside of work they may be the most social, fun person that you click with. When someone crosses your path in one circumstance, it is wise not to cross them off entirely and to perhaps open yourself to the possibility of crossing paths again in a different way. For you never know the impact someone can have on your life. 

We often waste so much energy not liking someone, or judging them that we become exhausted and there is no energy left to actually like or possibly love them. It actually require less energy to like someone than it does to dislike them. So when you wake up tomorrow put a smile on your face and stop judging others and particularly yourself. If you catch yourself judging, stop and rephrase what you are saying or thinking. Is it helpful? If not let it go. 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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