Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 213

Yesterday I left the blog talking how does someone feel after their life being turned upside down a year later? If you were to ask me how I feel the answer would be ‘fine’. Not because I want to brush you off. But because the real answer is so hard to explain that it would require a few pots of tea, some scones and a warm fire to adequately describe. But I will try.

I mourn parts of the life I had before my accident. The ease at which I could do things – the running, the energy for anything, the driving (or more importantly being a passenger), the balancing of doing lots of different things. The main thing is having energy and strength in my body. 

However I am also thankful, had I not have had a huge shake up - an accident - I would of continued to live my life in a haze of 'doing' and going from job to job in an anxious way, without having a view of the end goal. I now view the world with fragility, we are only on this world for such a short amount of time that we need to do the things that make us fulfilled and realise we need to spend time with the ones we love. This could stop at any point in time. 

I am so grateful to be on the mend - to have goals, dreams, aspirations and beautiful friends and family to share them with. Being grateful for every breath and every opportunity is refreshing and beautiful. 
Whilst I now am working even a bit more than I was than when I had my accident, I am doing it for a short time, with an end goal in mind. I have learnt to stop putting off things, as life is too short to wait for a special time. 

Tell the ones you care about that you love them. Enjoy every time you can laugh and let yourself be yourself. Take pleasure in the little things. Make sure you live in some sort of balance. Do what makes YOU happy and YOUR heart sing.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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