Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 238

How many times a day do we say something like 'argh I have to go to work.' or 'I can't be bothered...' or 'I don't want to...' I do it! We all do!! But...what if we change that? We can acknowledge it..and turn it into something else. Be grateful for the ability to go to work. Or list the reason why this particular job is good...the pay cheque..ability to pay bills, go out for dinner etc. 

If we stop and think about what is good in something, there are many reasons to be grateful.  And you feel better about the situation. This is not always easy. To see why you are grateful for something - especially if you dislike it so much. When I was thinking about my blog today, I thought to myself - what is something I really dislike? And can I see the positives in it? 

So...the one thing I dislike WEATHER! Yuck. I love the sun and summer and being warm. So here goes:
- You can snuggle up in front of the heater
- Having a 'doona day' or movie day is easy because the weathers crappy
- You can layer up
- You can fall asleep hearing rain on the roof
- Sunshine on a freezing day is beautiful

It's funny, as I was listing all of those, I was saying...yes..but.. or I was having a battle with myself listing all of the reasons I dislike the cold weather!! So it's not easy, but there is something good in everything. But it's up to YOU to choice which path you want to take - being negative consumes you and makes you become more negative. Being positive creates positivity. 

What will you choose to do next time you are faced with the decision. Take the easy - negative, or work a wee bit harder and find the positive???

 ...Until Tomorrow xox

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