Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 239

I'm a bit addicted to a game on my phone (probably along with majority of smart-phone users!) it is a search game, where you have a list of items to look for and you tap on them when you find it. You earn coins to unlock more scenes. There is also a 'gambling' scene where you can spin with coins to earn more coins. And the amount of coins fluctuate. (just as in life!)

As I was playing the other day I had next to no coins, then tonight I had heaps. My mentality changed around my coins. And I started thinking about some advice I got last year where I was struggling for money - they said to me 'Let go of the worry around money and money will come'. At the time - I thought, how can I not worry about money if I have none to pay the bills?! Preposterous!! But playing this gambling scene made me realise - its not the value of money that affects how much you do or don't do, it is the matter of which you view it. 

When I had lots of coins, I spent them, I gambled them and then I worked hard for more. I was more relaxed, I approached it with a sense on 'if I got it once, I'll get it again' rather than being a scrooge and holding on to each coin as though it were real life! I realised lately that I have been using this in real life more often. Not that I am swimming in money, but I have the view that it will work out, and the more relaxed I become about it the more I attract. 

I guess its the same as the saying "you attract what you are putting out". Hmmm...this is an interesting topic I feel, and one that perhaps needs more exploring. But until then, I'll keep playing this silly game and let you know any other epiphany's I may have!!

...Until Tomorrow xox

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