Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 241

When something has been taken away from you - something you really miss - it can be challenging to be happy for someone else when they achieve it. It's interesting isn't it - how can you be happy for someone when they are achieving or have something that you really want, but can't have right now?

Every time I see one of my friends (or anyone on social media actually) RUNNING, my stomach does a backward flip, I feel sick and sad...and I start to resent my situation. That's ok, I can feel that way. I can acknowledge it and move on. Now I see people and I am happy for their achievement in running, without comparing myself and my situation to it. And that is what I realise it comes down to. 

Everyday we are flooded with situations, images, music, and people that challenge us to be better, or to compare us to other people (particularly those that may not be realistic, such as models...) And that I think is the biggest challenge - not to succumb to outwardly influences to impact on how we feel inwardly. That reminds me of a saying I came across once:

'If you are outwardly influenced, you are inwardly lost'.

I think we need to be careful about what we take from media, photos, Facebook, friends, advice etc. Yes you can get a bit sad when you compare yourself to someone, but remember it is what you do with it, and how you manage you fall into a put of 'poor me' or do you reflect on the other strong aspects you have in your life??

Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good, and feel fulfilled about where you are in life. 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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