Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 237

Sometimes it's ok to sit quietly and cry. Just to feel how overwhelming it is and just let go. I work in the disability field and my client was extremely upset last night. Sobbed and sobbed - very relevant considering the days events. I just sat there and let her cry. I had plenty to say, but for the first time since my accident and being told to just let yourself feel, I understood the power of just letting go. 

All you need sometimes is someone just to sit there and be supportive - not to offer advice or say everything will be ok. Just allowing you to let go and feel whatever you need to. It's funny how in my line of work I see people and dogs expressing what they are feeling when they feel it. Yet as we get older there is something in us that stops us from expressing how we are feeling. When does that change? When do we in society say it's 'wrong' to feel? 

I know I will suppress my feelings according to where I am, who I'm with etc. And on top of that very few people see me cry. But then I get angry and stroppy (which I'm sure most people have seen!!). But allowing yourself to feel however you are feeling at the time is important, then it won't get bottled up and have you express them inappropriately. Even if you meditated. Or stop and breathe and feel. Even for a few seconds. 

Acknowledgement is the first step to feel. Often as soon as you acknowledge how you feel you move on. You actually don't feel for a long period of time. are you feeling? 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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