Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 240

Sometimes the littlest act of kindness can make yours and someone else day. We often look at 'charity' or 'kindness' as being this huge thing, that at the end of the day we are so tired, it just gets thrown into the too-hard basket. This is in regards to us and others. Like we imagine we have to go volunteer for a whole day with an in-need charity, or we have to set aside 2hours a day to do 'self care' for ourselves. 

I want to tell you something...even the littlest act can be rejuvenating and so fulfilling. So what are these little acts?? Smile - at someone or even when you're by yourself. It releases endorphins so makes you feel good, and can be that one thing that turns around someones day! (Just no creepy clown smiles...!) 

Look around you - take the beauty in the little things. For example I was driving past an empty paddock and looked over and there was a cow standing with it's too front legs on a mound, it really only need a cloak flowing behind it! And there in the car, by myself, I laughed so hard! It re-energised me for the day! 

Next time you are walking or driving take note of what is around you. When someone tells you to take note of the simple things - think about what they are for you. A smile, a cow, a child running, a slow-motion dog running, scaring your partner...it is limitless. 

Use your time wisely. You can spend a few minutes a day both on yourself and others. You really don't need to be overwhelmed by days or hours allocated to this. 

...Until tomorrow xox

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