Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 198

Today I felt like I was winning! 6 whole hours off to myself - after working for 46 out of 48 hours straight (with a break for the gym of course!!). I feel so refreshed! I caught up with my sister, washed Buddy, cleaned all my animal enclosures, did 3 loads of washing, some paperwork AND watched 2 movies!! :) In continuance to looking after myself, I had a healthy salad for dinner. 

I was having a great discussion with my sister, and the same thing came up - as it has so frequently lately - self care. It's the last thing we think of working on, and the first thing that disappears when life gets "busy". What do you do to look after yourself? What can you do to make sure you continue to look after yourself, even when life gets "busy". 

Some of my suggestions are:

1. Do it everyday. Make it habit. Something that you do without actively thinking - like brushing your teeth. 

2. Get rid of any technology for 30minutes - focus on you - meditate, read, reflect on the day. 

3. Learn what you do to 'procrastinate' and work on this - majority of our day when we are busy is actually doing things that I call fluffing! We all know what they are - things that actually don't need to be done, and make us feel like we haven't achieved anything. For example; playing on your phone, moving things from one room of the house to another..etc

4. Use writing to reflect on your day. Write a journal, or a blog! or a letter to someone. 

5. Remove yourself from the 'hustle and bustle', sit quietly.

6. Choose healthy options for meals and snacks - and eat every 3 hours!

7. Exercise!! (My favorite!) Proven to decrease stress and anxiety and release feel-good hormones. Even if all you can manage is around the block. 

8. If you watch TV, use the ad break to stretch, squeeze in a few exercises, or put it on mute and talk to your housemate / partner / children. 

9. Read or listen to books that teach you something…motivational, biographies that motivate you etc
10. Have a dream board - put up motivational quotes, pictures, sayings etc ANYTHING that tells you what you are working for…what motivates you to get out of bed…?

11. Be consistent! Do the same thing, each time you think the same thing…i.e. every time you feel like you can't go for a walk, think about how you will feel after it is done and just do it. 

12. Write down your goals, and break them down into smaller steps…i.e. I want to run a 10km fun run - be specific, write down a date, how long you want it to take you, do you want to do it alone, how long will it take you to train, etc. 

Just food for thought. Most importantly, remember that:

Look after yourself and you will be able to look after others. 

Make sure you keep refilling your cup.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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