Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 195

Back into the swing of it! Just when you feel like things are really an uphill battle, where one door closes, one will certainly open…another may also open which means you need to make decisions - or see which one "fits" the best. Often the one you talk about the most is not the thing you should be focussing on. If you find when you reach this point that you are constantly focussing on justifying a decision (any decision) then it's not meant to be. 

The best decisions and life choices we make, we do not question. Think back to a time when you have made a life - altering decision…did you agonise and justify it? Or did you make it and be comfortable? I know that I tend to agonise over even the smallest of decisions. BUT I also know that the best decisions I have ever made, are not ones that have taken me years to decide, or ones where I have been forced to decide, but ones that were solely choice.

They have taken me on adventures, travels or lead to experiences and growth that I previously would not of had, if I had not of tried something different. So often we get stuck in a rut - of doing what we are comfortable with, or what we know works. Imagine how you would feel if you stepped outside of your comfort zone, and you succeeded at something that you never thought possible??

What life decision have you been putting off? Or hoping would just 'work out' themselves??!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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