Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 196

What about life makes it difficult? Why do we make things so hard for ourselves? I am excited to say that I have created a Facebook page, which I'll now share my blog, but also exciting, motivational, happy and inspiring quotes, thoughts and stories :) Please visit and like it:

The reason I most wanted to do this was that I found I was starting to get bogged down with "day-to-day" hum drum, when I actually realised that I get inspired as much, if not more by sharing and talking about what I have learnt over the past 10months. And since I have been writing this I have already gotten 10 likes (a big ego boost!!). What I'm most excited about it, is the ability to have a positive impact on my friends, family and hopefully one day the wider community! 

What motivates you? What is your end goal to working at something. When it is clear in your own mind, you will find it easier to be a calmer, more confident, self-assured, happy version of yourself. My motivations are currently to better myself everyday. I am working at my fitness, choosing healthy options, and learning more about how I work - by reading motivational books and doing personality tests. 

How are you a happier, healthier person?

…Until Tomorrow xox

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