Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 202

I've talked a lot the past few days about goals and being positive and success. With every success there generally is at least 100 failures, or I like to call them 'set backs'. So, what do you do when you encounter these set backs? Do you know what? If your reason for doing something is so strong, you'll pick yourself up and and just do it. Nothing anyone says or does will stop you from achieving your dreams.

So, what is your strongest desire? What will you do to achieve it? How will you continue to keep going? Something I have found myself is that when I really want something, I will do it. I was training for a marathon before my accident, no matter what the day brought, I always did my training - strength, swim or run. That dream has not gone, just because of my knee 'set back' - although frustrating at times, I am continuing to train everyday, albeit at a slower rate. I will get there though! 

I love this quote! No amount of envy, jealousy or whinging about someone else's assets, relationships or job success will bring success into your life. What it will do is make you angry, bitter and resentful - and being that you attract what you put out…well… Someone I heard just recently said 'I take someone else's negativity towards myself and wish them all the best and hope they can find their own positive path'. Not always easy…but the most rewarding things are those that we work for. 

Look at each set back as one that you will learn from and continue to working towards. If it happens again, the method that you are using to achieve your goal / dream is not working and you may need to re-evaluate. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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