Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 204

Today I went for a pedicure and manicure - first time ever! Let me give you an account of my overwhelming entertaining experience. 

The first step was to make an appointment with a salon, that I had a voucher for. So I went in and had a look at a 'menu'. I thought only restaurants had menus! There were pedicures, manicures, microdermabrasions, rock massages… So I thought I have enough money, I'll do both a pedicure and manicure. Then the next decision - what sort? I thought there was only one! But no, you can get basic, basic with 'gel' nails or deluxe…given you had to pay an additional $40 for a deluxe I thought I'll go 'gel' (maybe then it will stay on during dog training!).

Ooooh, I had great delight in telling everyone what I was doing..! Then the day arrived and I walked into the salon…only to realise I had left my voucher at home! Oh no! So I talked to the lady at the front - who said 'no worries!' and proceeded to look at a scrappy notebook (apparently their documentation of vouchers). I sat down and was asked if I would like a tea, coffee or water. Water please! 

A heavily made up, young blonde girl called my name. She pointed to the left and said 'in there'. So I walked aimlessly…to a dark room, which had a chair either side of a towel-covered bed. I started talking small talk and was answered with a 'grunt' here or there. So I sat down and tried to keep quiet. I told her I was excited and it was my first time of having a manicure. To which she replied…just put your hands here and gestured to the spot in between the two chairs and nudged some individual painted nails closer to me - I assumed to help me choose a colour..which took me all of a few minutes - Red sparkly! 

She looked at my nails, and asked if I wanted to keep the length, then started attacking them with a file. Then started to scrub them with a block. I asked what she was doing, which she said 'buffing' (a little like duh, you should know that!) Then I asked what that did. "Helps smooth out the nails". Then came some oil to soften my cuticles and stated pushing my skin down my nail (I expected it to hurt, but just felt weird). Which apparently is to get rid of excess skin - according to this girl, is only to make your nails look better. Which they do. But it got my mind wandering..who thought of this odd thing to do with your nails?? Then out come these strange clipper like things and 'trimmed my cuticles'. Then onto the colour…or so I thought!

Nope! First go on an adhesive…then an undercoat…then 2 coats of colour and a top coat. In between each there is this blue light machine thing that you need to put your hand in to 'dry' the layers. All I kept thinking was 'oh no! I'm going to get skin cancer!!!' Finally the young girl said something…"Hmm, your cuticles could be a bit better, but they will get there the more times you come"… After 30minutes of sitting still, watching layer after layer being applied…I was really proud of myself… but a next time?!! We'll see!!

Then came the pedicure…I sat in an awkward position whilst she did the same steps. Where was my foot scrub and massage?? Oh, apparently that's a 'deluxe'…When they helped me decide they chose me to have gel nails on my toes instead of a foot scrub!! Buggar! Now all I need to do is to find the strength to get my toes out to admire them in this freezing weather! Perhaps I can cut the toes out of my socks, just so everyone knows I can sit still for 30mins! 

It was an interesting experience. The thing I learnt today was that if you know your job and someone comes to you and has no idea what it entails you can do one of two things. 
1. Describe what you are doing and do a great job. 
2. Do the bare minimum to for the client to think you've done a great job and leave them confused but happy-ish.
But either way - act with confidence and they will be none the wiser! Hit home to me today the whole 'fake it til you make it' saying…particularly as I was WAY out of my depth!

To lovely nails for Easter!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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