Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 182

Last week was a huge week. And many lessons learnt. Rather than focussing on describing my week to you I thought I would write a simple list of all the things I learnt, both about myself and life…

1. Always find out specific details before saying 'yes' to something

2. People are not all like yourself, expectations are precursors to disappointments. So when you are dealing with someone make sure you are aware exactly of what someone can and will be capable of doing. 

3. If you don't place restrictions on how you accept being treated, people will always take more. **Remember to only give what you are happy to

4. Limited self-consciousness leads to a happier and more fulfilling life. (And a more fun life)

5. Dance to the music the way YOU want to - not the way you THINK others want you to. 

6. When going through a challenging time, turn your focus to something positive that is happening in the near future…i.e. visiting someone that you love, planning a holiday etc. 

7. Spend time (a lot of time) with the ones you love. 

8. Be present in that moment - not thinking of where you are off to next. 

9. Ask for help. Most people are willing to help you if you ask!

10. Sometimes even the most uninteresting things give you the biggest inspirations. 

11. Watching and playing with animals is a big de-stressor.

12. Putting something off takes more energy than just doing it. 

13. Make sure you have fun. Life is not only about work and money. 

14. Laugh - a big hearty laugh until your sides hurt and tears are streaming down your face and you are doing the silent laughter. If you need inspiration just pick a theme and start laughing (i.e. like a monkey, or like an elderly person, or really high pitched etc) - pretty soon it will be real!

15. Sometimes it takes being put back into an old (bad) habit to remind you that this is not where you are destined to be. 

16. You will always find friends where you least expect it. 

17. If you say you will do something, even if only to yourself, honour it and do it. You will feel like a better person because of it. 

18. It is good sometimes to zone out and just observe. 

19. Lunches are never to be missed. 

20. Monitor caffeine intake when tired, for when you can actually sleep, you won't be able to!!

21. Drink water. Lots of water.

22. Watch your step.

23. Smile at everyone - you never know whose day you will be making! 

24. Don't let fear (…of what people think…of failing…of succeeding…) get in the way of doing something extraordinary!

Plenty still to go on with…but that's plenty for you to mull over today!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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