Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 193

Bucket Lists. That is how this blog started out..waay back 6 months ago! With a wish and desire to do something, and from there stemmed this amazing outlet, where I have found I have impacted many lives - and helped myself heal and grow! 

What is on your bucket list? We often get sooo caught up in day-to-day hum drum that we forget to dream - we forget that anything we think is achievable. Yet what gets in the way? Or more to the point what do YOU let get in the way? For me it is financial. But in saying that I have never put myself in a position to earn enough to do the things I want - why is that?? I certainly am motivated and have drive and am well educated…? 

I read an interesting article about 'self limiting beliefs' it basically said that thoughts determine our actions and how we perceive the world. That thoughts affect feelings, feelings affect behaviour and behaviour produces results or lack of results. This struck home to me when I read it for I am a very strong "feeler". I have been told that I am an empath - which basically means I can pick up on other peoples feelings and allow them to alter my own actions. Silly I know. 

So what can I and you if you fall into this category do to help limit this? Firstly, its identifying which thoughts are causing these actions or lack there of. I know of a few that I have - particularly in regards to work, and most of them stem from a unconscious fear of authority figures. (So perhaps that is why I am struggling to become one…??) Food for thought anyway! 

Then you can start acknowledging your thoughts and changing their direction and outcome of your actions…

Easy said. Harder to do! Then you practice! At any opportunity!! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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