Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 192

Are you a 'gonna' or are you a 'doer'?

You know those people you meet that are 'gonna do this or that' but never seem to get around to doing it? And then there's the people who don't say anything and all of a sudden are doing something amazing…

We have all been both types of people at some stage in our lives - or even in certain aspects of our life. What I have tended to notice is the 'gonna' mindset, basically means that you have the best intentions of giving something a go, but not the huge motivation or drive to do it. Like I was 'gonna' vacuum today, but playing with Buddy was more important…

This is something, having a business, that it's so important to identify your 'gonna' mindset. Have you ever had a to-do list and had all intentions to do it, but at the end of the day have done none of it? It is so easy to procrastinate or find things "more important" to do through the day. So remind yourself why you are doing something - why do it? Why does it make you feel good? What is the reason it is on your to do list? 

And if something you are doing is really challenging and you find yourself saying I'm "gonna" do this, and you don't do it. Question why? Is the timeframe to big? (Do you not have to have it done for 2 weeks or 2 years) Is it important enough for you to do? Have you forgotten? Why have you forgotten? 

Try not to be hard on yourself, but also be realistic. Know what your abilities are and what you can realistically do in a day - i.e. do you need to research something before doing something else? And most importantly when you meet 'gonna' people, you cannot "MAKE" them into a doer, you can offer support or different options, but they need the internal motivation to get things done. The more you get frustrated at them not doing, the more of your personal energy you are giving away to someone's behaviour that ultimately does not affect you. 

Make yourself a doer by:
Setting short time frames
Writing reminders in your diary
Prioritise your to do list
Set your time for the day (i.e. 1 hour block for paperwork where you are not checking your phone)
Allow yourself to digest the day
Give yourself a day off or half a day of for NOTHING, except what you love

…Until Tomorrow xox

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