Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 189

Positivity. Excitement. Passion. Love. Determination. Go-Power. Happiness. Success.

Are all aspects we work on achieving daily. And cannot be achieved without…

Reflection. Time away. Failures. Troubles. Heartbreak. Disappointment.

And most of all Change. Without it nothing we want will happen. Change occurs each minute of everyday. The decisions, even the little ones that we don't actively think about, cause a butterfly effect with our outcomes. Change is so important to adapt. Yet majority of us fight it. Why? Because it is different to what we know, and most probably we are scared of the unknown. 

Embracing change and all of the 'not-so-positive' times or experience in our lives is easier said than done. So what can we do to be nicer to ourselves? Help ourselves during those times? What I have found works is:

1. Accepting little changes daily. Go a different route to work.

2. Actively make decisions for change, this helps you feel more in control. So when change takes you by surprise it becomes easier to deal with. 

3. Your success rate at getting through difficult times is sitting at 100%

4. Breathe. 

5. Take time away from everything to reflect on what is happening. 

6. Think about what can or is going right with this change - not what could go wrong. 

7. Mantras. Develop something that will make you feel ok with the situation. 

8. Music. Listen to music that reflects how you are feeling - it also helps to belt it out with a hairbrush…

9. Talk about it. To someone neutral. Everyone in your life - colleagues, friends, family or acquaintances will all have an opinion. Go and talk to someone that doesn't. Where you can let it all out and not be judged. Often they will not provide any answers, but you will feel so much better because you have said it out loud. 

10. Exercise. Walk it off. Go to the beach. Regroup with nature. 

11. Remember why you are here. Were you meant to be stressed? Nope!

12. Without change we would not have evolved into where we are today. 

13. Smile. Even if it is forced (your brain does not know this) - it releases the feel good hormones!

14. Better yet LAUGH! A good belly laugh. 

15. Perspective. Place whatever is changing into perspective. 

16. Time. I like to think, will I remember this in 5 years time? 

17. Breathe

18. Immerse yourself in something you love. Movies? TV? People watching. Dog watching. People and dog watching (my favourite)

19. Write. Write about anything. Start a blog. Write a book. Stream of consciousness (this is interesting…write whatever pops into your head as you are writing - even if you haven't finished the sentence (harder still!)

20. Meditate. If you don't know how, look up guided meditation. 

Good Luck! Remember that without change, of difference, or troubles, we cannot lead a happy, successful life we want. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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