Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 187

I talk a lot when I'm dog training about thresholds. About reading your dog and knowing when they are reaching the top end of their threshold. So to explain it simply, everyone has a baseline. This baseline can be slightly higher or lower than 'average'. So by getting to know your dog, you know when they are sitting at their 'normal'. And by reading their subtle body language cues we can remove them from the situation as they are heightening, before they get to breaking point. It's easier to stop a behaviour before it happens then to control it once it has happened. 

Today I realised, what I am so good at in my job, I'm not so good at for myself! I had gone over the breaking point today, and forgot to watch my signs to remind me I needed a break. For me it's often not until I reach this point that I am reminded to have a break. My warning signs tend to be - lack of sleep, short temper and the need to do everything RIGHT now! Plus a few others. I am working on reading these signs before I reach the snappy point (I say snappy because I definitely get snappy!!) 

The big thing in dog training and in your own life, is if you do tip over just say "whoops, I'll be better at reading the signs next time". Not "I did it again, I'm such a bad person etc". You can sit with the little negative gremlin for a little bit, then tell him to go away and start to build yourself up - Fill your cup. When you give more than you recharge, you will be left at breaking point. Regular 'me' / recharge / quiet time is needed. 

What are your signs leading up to your had enough point? Can you recognise and recharge before you reach breaking point? Its a good and difficult skill to master!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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