Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 185

Every little thing that you do adds up to who you are at this present moment. Every win, every thought, every conversation, every mistake, every hurdle… Without what you have gone through, you would be someone different at this moment in time. 

We often look at all of the challenges in our life with frustrated negativity. However, without hurdles or mistakes there would be no success. Nor would the success be as sweet. That's not to say that sometimes you need to know when you have given your all to something and it's time to move on and try something different. Something that is a better fit for you. 

When you to make a mistake, we are all so hard on ourselves. I drill into myself the saying "whoops! That's unlike me! I'll do things differently next time). This is a lovely saying, as it acknowledges you made an error, but also makes a promise to do things differently. If you make the same mistake twice…that's a decision (see quote below!). I think the important thing to do, that we all don't do often enough, is reflect on the day - what did you do well, what could you improve? Make a list, or just think about it. But actively think about your day. Most of the time we go through the motions, have our discussions, change our moods to suit those around us…without remembering what our morals and beliefs are. 

When was the last time you 'checked in' on yourself? Are you behaving according to your morals? How can you be a better you tomorrow? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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