Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 188

Todays musings…

1. I was following a car today that did not appear to have a driver…mental note if I am too short to be seen, must take of the head rest!

2. Sheep are individual..watched 2 Rams facing off…their audience of sheep was so funny…there was the one that was standing there egging them on, one that couldn't care less, one that was trying to get in between it… I had my own show!!

3. You will always have an impact on someone…make sure you are leaving the impression you want…do you leave someone better than before they saw you?

4. Never judge your situation with someone that is in a similar situation…everyone has their own story.

5. The perception of yourself that others see is often quite different to how you perceive yourself…stop being so hard on yourself. 

6. Speak positively to yourself everyday - you end up listening to EVERYTHING you say.

7. Dogs, like children, go through a stage of hating their hair brushed! 

8. Having a debrief about your day is very important. 

9. Make sure you change your passwords regularly - you never know who will hack into your…computer…eep!

10. Playing words with Friends does not constitute as a 'mental' activity - scrabble does! 

11. 2L of water a day is a must. 

12. Get outside! Even 10minutes of fresh air makes everything so much more bare able. 

13. Be the best YOU every day. 

14. When you decide to do something, do it with all your heart and you will be rewarded. Put out what you want to attract :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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