Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 186

Today my dad came to visit me in the afternoon. I was having what felt like the first 'me' afternoon in I can't remember how long! It was so lovely to sit and have a chat with dad - although I had this nagging feeling I was meant to be doing something or being somewhere… You know that thought?? 

Then I was driving into work (night shift tonight!) and I thought, I am so incredibly lucky to have a beautiful family who just pops in. And further more, dad is so excited to go down to my boyfriends house and help landscape his garden! Just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to have so many people close to me that are happy to help and give me guidance. 

I am thinking a lot tonight about how fantastic my family (and my close friends) have been in the 9.5months since my accident. They have been supportive, kind, an ear to talk to, the voice of reason and also the people to give me a little reminder every now and then about where I am now! It's so interesting about people that come and go in your life. 

There are what I call the rocks, who you know will always be solid and in your life. 
The 'Trains' - who whip in and out of your life before you've had a chance to blink!
The meercats - who are alert to any difficulties and go running / hiding when they think there might be trouble
The  Cameleons - the people who are in your life for a long time, but are just disguising themselves, and are not 'rocks'
Butterflies - just happy flitting around the edges
Cats - who only seem to appear when they need something from you
Ships - who sail into your life for awhile, and out again - but continue to stop in every so often (you'll know they will always come back)

Now, every one of the people that crosses your path in your life, will do so for a reason - to shape who you are today. They will come into your life to teach you what you need, or don't need, attributes you like / don't like and teach you something! It's so important to open yourself up to meeting new and different people - "Fish from a different pond" as one of my friends would say. For you never know when a 'rock' will cross your path. 

An abstract and interesting way to look at relationships! Who do you have in your life??

…Until Tomorrow xox

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