Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 181

STOP! REGROUP! Be proud of all you have accomplished thus far!! :) 

Sometimes we are so focussed on where we are going that we forget to stop and look at how far we have come! This definitely pertains to me - in all areas of life. But particularly in exercise. At the moment I am up to running 3x200m in one go (with a break of around 100m in between) which most would say is AWESOME compared with how I have been going and what my body has been through - but me? I go "yep that's good…BUT…" Some days I find my lack of strength and fitness so frustrating, but realise that there is not much I can do - other than what I am doing. 

This brings me back to the point that we are so incredibly hard on ourselves - we put negative things in our heads - generally things that will never happen. A book I recommend reading is: "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" a fantastic book about exactly as the title suggests. When you look at visionaries through time, they have never had the attitude of "she'll be right" or "wait for it to happen" - nope! They have all gone out of their comfort zones and pushed themselves. But most of the time the fear of rejection, or our self doubt or our "little gremlin" (unaffectionately termed by me!) gets in the way. 

So…what can we do about this little gremlin to make our lives happier and more well rounded? We can acknowledge that we feel that way, take a deep breath and take a chance with something OUTSIDE our comfort zone (could be as little as wearing odd coloured socks!). And a big one I think is to start small. Don't push yourself so far out of your comfort zone that you are so overwhelmed you forget why you were doing it in the first place. This will only make you resent attempting new things rather than having small wins and building up to bigger! 

So…what are you going to try today that is different? :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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