Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 154

What about this time of year (December) makes us frantic to fit in more than we normally do?? And then when we can't do it all we feel guilty?? I wonder why it is this time of year that we all have work "break ups"? I know we generally have 1-3weeks off around this time of year, but why do we all do catch up at this time of year?? We shouldn't need an excuse to have a work break up! And perhaps one mid-year might increase our stamina!

I was having a lovely chat to a lady at Melbourne Central the other day and she is working 14-16hour days all the way up to Christmas, she has Christmas day off and then the work continues. She is an engraver. The rest of the year she works a 6-day week of 8 hours. She was so tired. What made it interesting for me was when asked what else she did, her answer was 'sleep'! What sort of life is that? Which made me think - how many of us are like that? Work and sleep? Where is the "PLAY" in life??

I was thinking about this the other night, I need more play back in my life. I have been focussing lately on the ability to get back to work - then all of a sudden I am working a ridiculous amount and forget about all of the things I learnt after my accident. So tonight I came home (after working for 9 hours and driving for 3.5…) and played with the new little addition (temporarily) "Loki" the lorikeet and then tinker bell and Buddy - cooked dinner and am now writing my blog. So still some play in there!! That's the important thing!! :) 

So what's most important to you this Christmas time? And is it at the top or toward the bottom of the to do list? Make sure you are doing the important things - including play! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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