Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 155

This afternoon I had my dog training break up. It was scheduled for a bbq at 6pm. We had fun talking and the dogs got to say hello to each other. Just as the sausages were cooked, it started to rain. Then the most amazing storm hit us – thunder and lightening and torrential rain! It was beautiful…not so much when we were in it and the poor dogs were too..!

What was the best thing about it though, was how everyone was laughing and we all bonded over the storm. There’s something about having a storm or something major happen that causes people to drop down their guards and get back to the sheer joy of being. There were no pretenses…no worry about hair or makeup or being worried about social hierarchy.

What about being “adult” means that we can’t / shouldn’t / don’t have time for the simple enjoyment of the little things. How many of us that were there tonight, if not out in the storm, would not have watched the storm? Most probably would have been at home with the TV on or on the computer. It was so refreshing to get back to basics and have sheer wonderment over nature and all it can provide.

Stop and smell the roses…or stop and watch the storm. Remember to nature at its best…get in touch with that inner amazement! And laugh!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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