Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 161

Today I was at the hospital with my boyfriend, which despite the initial wait they were all very prompt and helpful. We were at a different hospital to the one that I went to, but it still brought back memories to right after my accident. Although they handled everything very much differently to my experience. 

The efficiency was very good. It wasn’t until my boyfriend was being discharged that we realized there were no after care instructions given…did he have to follow up with a doctor? Did it need to remain dry? Etc? When we left, we asked and were given the information. The information that was assumed that we would know.

The other thing about it all was that as my partner was getting more and more frustrated at waiting (we had to wait for the results of the xray) and we noticed that we were starting to get in the negative frame of mind. And commenting on peoples inabilities..etc. It is so much easier to comment when someone is doing something wrong rather than to be patient and point out their positives. But we did, we had a change of outlook and focussed on the positives instead.

One thing we realized was that our culture…I’m undecided as to whether that is Australian, or culture around the world…is that we are generally negative. We are quite willing to bring people down, find their faults, talk about people behind their backs, and whinge or complain – not constructively, than we are to say something nice or positive. The thing that I find quite sad, is that when a compliment is received, it is either quickly dismissed or brushed over. We all dwell on the negative things people say as well. 

This reminded me of one of the reasons I started my blog - to compliment a strange everyday. One small act of kindness a day, by everyone will add up and can start the snowball of change. Who did you compliment today? Be aware of your words as they are powerful. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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