Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 162

I met someone awhile ago that said to me "I used to do that…and was really quite good at it…but I moved on". At the time I thought to myself…Why? Why would you move on or change to something else if what you were good at came so easily? Simple. Sometimes what we are good at or what comes naturally to us, is not what we are passionate about. 

Sounds SO simple? Yet so often we get caught up in what we "SHOULD" do, because we are a natural at it, or we make it look so easy. But for those of you who are doing something because you FEEL that society tells you that you should do it, you know that there will always feel like there is something missing. Something lacking from our lives and fulfilment in 'work'. That's because we haven't found the one thing that fires us up. Lights us up from the inside whenever we talk about it. 

Unfortuantely in our society, we feel pressure - generally exerted on us from ourselves - to work to earn money…to buy the things that are relevant to our age bracket…cars, houses, boats, land, baby items…etc. What if I were to tell you that there is more to life? That you can have it all? Most of you would scoff and pfft me - I know I would of before I had my car accident. But it's true. Yes we need employment that gives us income to live - pay the bills, buy the things we want etc. 

You may be lucky enough to find enjoyment, fulfilment and happiness in your job…or like most you might find the "daily grind" of going to work. If this is the case. Go to work. Get paid. Pay the bills. EXPLORE the world! Do something that makes you FEEL…write a list, get out the butchers paper…and don't stop until you have found that! Even if you try many things and are still looking when you're old…you are LIVING! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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