Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 151

Today was interesting…well most days are aren't they? I have had one of those tremendously full days with an ever growing to-do list and not much getting ticked off! What struck me the most today, was how many different facets there are to people. 

I was at my disability job this afternoon, I had a Nutrimetics party afterwards, and then was on the phone to a dog training client, and then spoke with some friends and my boyfriend, and then cooked dinner, played with Buddy and got stuck into some other bits of work. What is really interesting to me is when things cross over and people from one facet of your life, get to see you in another light. 

Often we can be so quick to judge how someone is in one setting, we forget that where we are seeing them is only one snippet of their whole. What I mean by that is…if someone is short tempered or grumpy, does not necessarily mean they are grumpy with you or that particular situation - more often than not it is something that is going on in a different area of their life. On another level, if someone is happy and cheerful most days - does not always mean they are resilient and strong.

When you start to judge someone, stop and re-evaluate. Very rarely do you know each area of someone's life to form an education assessment of their behaviour. Generally 'judging' occurs when we are REACTING with emotion to something that has happened. When we take a deep breath and step back to look at the bigger picture, we find we have something different to say. 

The age old adage "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Works along these lines.

…Until Tomorrow. 

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