Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 156

I went along to the local Christmas Carols tonight, then came home and watched more carols! I love singing! It was so much fun! 

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day, and then with Mum tonight about whether children and younger generations understand what Christmas is? Or if it has turned into a time where you can just reap the rewards for the day. The commercialised "what do you want to get for Christmas?" 

Which got me onto thinking about religion and stories around beliefs. I am a spiritual person, yet I wouldn't say I'm 'religious' or follow one religion. However if I have children at some point, I would want them to understand the concepts behind Christmas and Easter and also have enough information to make their own informed decisions about religion. It's unfortunate that a lot of people feel that they need to be an 'extreme' believer to be classified as 'religious'. This is not true. 

There isn't one way or another that you "should" be. You can seek your own answers and understanding around religion or spirituality. In regards to Christmas, I find it interesting that there are people that "don't believe in Jesus" yet are quite happy to accept Christmas as a public holiday, and give/receive presents and have a big meal. Is this a day that has become too commercialised that we forget the true meaning of the day? Or is it a day where we are able to get together with loved ones and celebrate another year together? Or does it matter why we celebrate the day as long as we are together? 

I think I might attend church - which we all did as children growing up - again this Christmas as I would like to remind myself about the concepts of Christmas. I love the carols, I love the aspect of giving, I love the food, the decorations and spending time with my loved ones.  I love Christmas time. What I find unfortunate is most people get so caught up in 'having to get presents' they forget that it is the simple things that make this day special - being with loved ones, having a lovely meal on the table and celebrating the year…not about what present you can get.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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