Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 180

Wow! Today has been one of those awesome full days with so much on - yet feels balanced - if you know what I mean. Today was a day that allowed me to realise that you can have balance you just have to work at it, and continue to do so. 

So today, I did some playful paws work, Nutrimetics work, Disability work, cooked for the week (vegie lasagne & zucchini slice), caught up with mum, sister & grandma, saw my boyfriend, played with Buddy, AND pampered myself (a facial and foot scrub!) ... oh and I am halfway through my second movie! WOW! 

When I stop and look at that all I feel tired...but instead I feel accomplishment and am satisfied I spend my day well! And I can now spend tomorrow with my boyfriend without feeling like I have heaps to do! I was discussing this just the other day - the importance of writing a to-do list and prioritising it. Then you know that you have completed the most important things, which then allow you to do all the fun things you want guilt-free!! Or since guilt is a wasted fully involved in what you are doing at the time rather than feeling like you 'should' be doing something else!

Whoop! Bring on the productive days!! :)

...Until Tomorrow xox

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