Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 222

We have the power to change our day. We can make it whatever we want. Just because one bad thing happens in the morning does not mean it is going to be 'one of those days'. Of course it will be one of those days if you keep repeating the things that have gone wrong, and saying 'oh no, it's one of those days'...!! 

It's ok to have an off day, or say - yep I'm going to have a quiet day because i'm tired, or I really need a mental health day...But what we so often do is label the whole day - 24 hour period, as a bad day, for perhaps a 5 minute block of bad things happening. When you spell it out - it sort of sounds a bit preposterous! 5 minutes out of 24 hours! I have noticed something about myself in regards to 'one of those days'. 

Firstly, if a few things untoward happen in the first 30mins of getting up, my ability to have a good mood diminishes. So I now start the day with a brief meditation - one that invites happy energy in. If something bad happens (like this morning where my 2 shakes spilt all over bench, cupboard, floors, me AND buddy!), I have enough in my energy tank to step back and look at it - rather than react and get annoyed. The other thing that I do is look at myself - I knew today had the potential to be 'one of those days' if I let myself continue to think about it. Especially as I noticed myself being more clumsy. So I looked to laugh at myself each time something happened, instead of adding it into the negative pool. 

It works, not only do you turn the negative day into a better one, you feel better as your energy is not being dragged down and zapped by negativity. 

Try laughing next time something clumsy happens...

...Until Tomorrow xox

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