Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 233

Wow!! What a weekend! I can now tick of one of the things on my 2015 things to do! Sing and play ukulele on stage! Whoop! I was shaking afterward, but gosh it felt SO good to do something purely because I wanted to! 

It's an amazing feeling to push yourself out of your comfort zone! The adrenaline and the rush is beyond words. (and I sounded ok, if I can say so!!) We get so caught up in day-to-day living that we forget to push ourselves outside of that comfort zone - outside of the square. Why?? Is it because we might fail or be terrible at something? Why does that matter? What is going to happen if you do 'fail' (which is just a conceptual word anyway...It means something different for everyone)? 

Failure or what I like to term 'lessons' really only teach us something. For if we don't try something - how will we know whether or not it is something that we want to do? Or what if we don't fail, but succeed???!! WOWZA! Friday night when I got offstage, I was shaking. I was so nervous, yet to look at me on stage, you would of thought it was the most natural thing - I didn't look as petrified as I felt!!

What are you stopping yourself from doing? Are you giving into the FEAR rather than taking the plunge? What can you do this week to push yourself outside this comfort zone?

...Until Tomorrow xox

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