Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 224


It is such a wasted emotion - does it serve a purpose? Does it get you anywhere? I wonder where worry stemmed from? Anger, Sadness, Calmness, Thoughtfulness...all serve a purpose and you can see how they fit in - with the innate behaviours of us, like fight/fight/freeze - something we have no or limited control over. But worry sneaks up on us and takes hold, but for what reason - or is there one? 

Anyone who has done any meditation or mindfulness knows that thoughts are just that - thoughts. And when we get fixated on them, is when we start to see problems such as anxiety (on-going) or depression. I was talking about worry tonight with my boyfriend. What about worry is helpful? If it's not being helpful, then what can you do to stop? 

Meditate, reflect, write...but for my logical brain, 'solving' the problem I'm worried about is the best solution. For example if I am worried about something that is out of my control due to timing...I put a time limit on it. 'if ___ is not better by 9am tomorrow, I will ___' So I don't feel like I am doing nothing, instead I have made a plan and know I am doing as much as I can for the situation. Funnily since my accident and learning to meditate and calm my thoughts, I have rarely experienced the gut-wrenching nauseating 'worry' about life. 

This is not to say that I don't care or am desensitised to concern or empathy, but I am now just grasping the ability to realise that worry only makes you feel worse and solves nothing in the end. 

Be proactive and identify what you CAN control and what you cannot. Make a plan if that helps - or talk to someone who can! 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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