Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 232

What do you do when life goes to plan and there's nothing to whinge about??!! This week I have paid off my debts from my accident! I feel exhilarated. Yet at the same time, nervous and lost! Weird! Not sure why - perhaps because I have had the debt for so long it felt part of me??!! So what did I do? I went and bought a bike! Something to do as an outlet instead of running - I don't know when I'll be able to run again :( 

It's amazing how most of the time in life if we achieve what we were aiming for, instead of relishing in the feeling of completion, we move straight on to the next thing. This is important, but so is reflection and allowing yourself to feel happy and proud. I'm not sure what it is, but we seem to think to be proud of yourself is to be 'stuck up' or arrogant. When we delve deeper into this...the definition of arrogance is to have exaggerated feelings or thoughts about ones self. Most of us err on UNexaggerated!

And when trying to sum yourself up to someone else, we say "I'm great at being empathetic, but I'm terrible at computers..." I'm great...but... Sometimes in life, to simply say I'm great with no buts (and truly believe it) not only takes courage but also strength and power. 

Try looking in the mirror and saying 'I'm great' or 'I'm so proud of you' (like you would towards a friend) and keep saying it until it sounds convincing and REAL! It's amazing what we tell ourselves, it we were kinder to ourselves we would lead a happier life..

...Until Tomorrow xox

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